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A Second Hitchhiker

Back in August, I was thinking that it might be fun to get my hands on another skein of Cascade Tangier and whip up an instant-gratification Hitchhiker Shawl. While I really liked the drape and feel of the rainbow one I made last year, the colors weren’t always what I was looking to wear.

Less than an hour later, I found myself in a local yarn shop that was clearancing all of its Tangier. I walked away with 4 skeins of the only colors they had left – two in a dark-pink/denim-blue, and two in a mostly-blue/kinda-teal. My past experience with Hitchhiker told me that I could make a worsted-weight version with a couple hundred yards in just a few days, so I put my new treasures away to wait for the moment when I’d need a quickie project.

That moment came a few weeks later when I was supposed to be weaving in ends for a blanket I was crocheting, but just couldn’t face the boredom of the task. The time was ripe for some procrastiknitting 🙂

I started on a Saturday evening, and finished on a Monday night – and I still found time in there to go to work for 9 hours. Gotta love quick knits!

Pink, actually, is not really my color, and I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to keep this or if it’s going to be a Christmas gift. The point of knitting this wasn’t so much the end product, as it was a chance to avoid an onerous task for a few days. Mission accomplished.

This pattern is written for sock yarn, I believe, but in this larger gauge it’s so nice and drapey. And did I mention quick?


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Posted on 2 Comments

2 thoughts on “A Second Hitchhiker

  1. Beautiful color combo!

    1. I wish I could take credit for that – it’s all in the one skein of Cascade Tangier 😊

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