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Vertical Hold Wrap knitting pattern

Vertical Hold Wrap knitting pattern at Polka Dot Cottage

It’s the end of September, and that means chilly mornings. I’ve been wrapping myself up in my Hitchhiker or my Vertical Hold when I leave the house, and they’ve been a perfect way to keep comfortable until the day warms up.

Vertical Hold is my own design, and one I was eager to publish. The reason I have been leaving the house in the mornings is that I enjoy writing ebooks in coffee shops. I concentrate better there than I do in my living room in my pajamas. I think part of it is that I am racing against a dwindling laptop battery when I am away from home, and there is a sense of urgency to the work. No time for daydreaming or for getting distracted by my household to-do list!


Whatever the reason, I’ve managed to get this ebook pattern done pretty quickly, and I’m happy to be sharing it here today!

Vertical Hold could not be simpler. Truly. It is super beginner-friendly. You need to know how to cast-on, how to do a knit stitch, and how to bind off. There’s not a purl in sight. You also need to know how to change colors at the beginning of a row, but that is essentially just a matter of picking up a different strand of yarn and knitting with it. Super simple.

Vertical Hold Wrap at Polka Dot Cottage

I am so happy with this teal version of the wrap. This yarn is luscious and squishy, and it feels so nice to wear. Not to mention the color. The color could not be more perfect for me.

Still, I felt like maybe this colorway wasn’t giving you the best sense of the stripe pattern here, so I knit up another one using some Berroco Remix from my stash. It wouldn’t be my first choice for a wrap like this, but it was the only yarn that I had in enough colors, and it does a fine job of illustrating my point.

27_fall_09_ul 27_fall_11_ul

Have I sold you on giving this one a try?

I’d like to also publish a crocheted variation on this idea. I’m thinking I may have to call it Horizontal Hold. (If you’re getting these references, you’ve watched TV in the 70’s or earlier…)

Any interest in a crochet pattern next? I’ve already picked out more of the lovely June Pryce yarn, so I think maybe you’re in for a crochet version no matter what! I’m having trouble resisting the lure of the hook after all of this knitting!

Posted on 4 Comments

4 thoughts on “Vertical Hold Wrap knitting pattern

  1. Yes! Crochet please! This is lovely, and I may try my hand at knitting it but crochet it my jam. 🙂

    1. I have to admit, I’m having a bit if trouble getting the same size stripes when I try a crochet version. I may have to settle for a bit of a different look. I’ll keep playing with it, though 😊

  2. The teal is beautiful but I love to combine blue & brown/tan tones so my tops go with khakis OR jeans. I love both: they are dynamic.

    1. That’s a smart idea. I tend to think of jeans as neutrals, even though blue is not technically neutral. Not sure why!

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