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Vertical Hold

Vertical Hold Wrap at Polka Dot Cottage

I designed a shawl and named it after an obsolete TV knob…

Friends, please say hello to “Vertical Hold.”

Vertical Hold Wrap at Polka Dot Cottage

Vertical Hold Wrap at Polka Dot Cottage

Vertical Hold Wrap at Polka Dot Cottage

I love it. I’m eager for a few crisp Autumnal days so that I can wrap myself up in it’s cozy teal goodness!

The yarn is from June Pryce Fiber Arts, and it came in a 6-pack of graduated shades. This colorway is known as “Arctic Ice.” Aren’t they just the most beautiful teals?

Vertical Hold Wrap at Polka Dot Cottage

Vertical Hold Wrap at Polka Dot Cottage

The front of the wrap has well-defined stripes, while the back is a little more gentle about its striping. I like both looks, so it doesn’t really matter which way it’s worn.

[I’m going to publish this pattern. Already done. See below!] It’s very simple, suitable for beginners, and theoretically it’s scalable to any size yarn with any size needles.

Before I do that, though, I plan to make another in different colors. As much as these teals take my breath away, I find that using graduated shades (especially ones where the three darkest colors are nearly indistinguishable from one another) makes it hard to see the stripe pattern clearly. For instructional purposes, it’s probably better if you can easily tell where one color ends and another begins, wouldn’t you say?

I am feeling so prolific lately! If I’m going to keep it up, I will need to go install myself in front of a good British mystery tonight and get cracking on Vertical Hold Wrap #2 right away 😍


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Posted on 10 Comments

10 thoughts on “Vertical Hold

  1. That’s beautiful! Is that the yarn you bought at the festival? I love it!!!

    1. Yes it is! I love it too 💚💙

  2. That’s really really pretty!

    ~Have a lovely day!

    1. Thank you 😊

  3. Simply gorgeous, Lisa, well done!

    1. Hi, Karen. Thanks! 😊

  4. I love the colors of your shawl! What a great knit to add for my fall wardrobe!

    1. Thanks, Sierra! I will have the pattern ready this week 😊

    2. And the pattern is done! Thanks for your interest ☺

  5. […] idea, but each time I’ve improvised a design, I’ve changed it up in some way. See the Vertical Hold Wrap (slightly asymmetrical triangle) and this unnamed scarf from last year (severely asymmetrical […]

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