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So we ditched the kids and ran to the beach

Our anniversary trip was a nice one. Cold, wet, wintery, but nice 🙂 I’ve got a slide show prepared for each day. If you like that kind of thing, read on! If you can think of nothing you’d dislike more than looking at someone else’s vacation slides, then you can have a pass. Aren’t I nice?

Day One

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It was the best day weather-wise, around 60 degrees and sunny. I didn’t take many pictures then. We did a lot of walking around outside, and some kicking back inside.

Day Two

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By far my most photo-heavy day, Tuesday started off rainy and ended that way, too. But for most of the middle of the day it was merely cloudy and chilly. It was do-able weather, and I went out by myself in the late morning and wandered around town with my camera. I took pictures of the great Victorian houses that caught my eye, and I spent some time on the boardwalk.

After lunch, Neil and I went out together and walked into Asbury Park, where I also put my camera to work.

Day Three

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Can you believe how much it still looks like winter here? It was bitterly cold that day, so it felt like February just as much as it looked like it. Neil and I tried to go out in the evening to take some artistic photos of the movement of water, but it was so horrible out there we gave up almost immediately! I took a couple of pictures of wet boardwalk that I really like, but then we ran back to the hotel and decided we were in for the night. I hung up my pants to dry, and we ordered take-out.

Day Four

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We thought we’d stick around for lunch, but we took another walk to the beach and nearly froze our faces off. We changed our minds and went home instead.

It was a nice time, and I’m glad we went, but I think we were exactly seven days too early. This week had been positively lovely, weather-wise!



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Posted on 2 Comments

2 thoughts on “So we ditched the kids and ran to the beach

  1. Hi Lisa, I was looking at your lovely hexagon blanket and came across your blog about your holiday at the Jersey Shore. I have been living in London for the last 35 years but grew up in South Jersey and your pictures brought back fond memories of year-round trips to the shore. I loved the bleak wild winters in various spots from. LBI to Cape May, the beauty of the crumbling Victorian villas and leftover architecture from the Shore’s heyday, the 20’s and 30’s.

    Thank you for the memories and for the solution to edging my hexagon blanket as well.

    1. Hi, Karen. I’m glad I could help with the hexagon blanket, and I’m happy that you enjoyed a little trip down memory lane! If you ever feel like revisiting a little more of New Jersey, I have a whole category devoted to it. Feel free to wander around as much as you like 🙂

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