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Pen Affliction

Years ago, after a particularly prolific polymer clay kick, I had a wicker basket filled nearly to the top with clay-covered pens. It was wonderful! I’d run my fingers through them, dump them out, arrange and re-arrange them on the floor… sometimes by color, sometimes by pattern, sometimes in a gloriously long rainbow. But eventually […]

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And there was much rejoicing

From me, anyway. I’d gotten really board with all that stockinette. What am I talking about?  Why, Aidan’s sweater, of course.  Four months after I started it, I am done. DONE! Last night, before I went to bed, I folded up the sweater neatly and left it as a surprise on the corner of his […]

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Quick Knits for the, er, me

I’m at the Clayathon right now, taking a quick break from the polymer.  I’ve already made a nice little pile of things, and as soon as they are sanded and buffed, I’ll be sure to give you a peek.  For now, how about a completed knitting project? I just loved Eamonn’s Irish Hiking Hat so […]

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Crochet hooks, shoes, and knitting

Thank you for ordering crochet hooks this week!  I’m closing up the shop in a matter of minutes, and then I’m ordering my supplies and taking them down south to the Clayathon.  I can hardly wait for the weekend to begin. I’ve got several things I want to work on, mainly your hook orders and […]

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