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Pen Affliction

Years ago, after a particularly prolific polymer clay kick, I had a wicker basket filled nearly to the top with clay-covered pens. It was wonderful! I’d run my fingers through them, dump them out, arrange and re-arrange them on the floor… sometimes by color, sometimes by pattern, sometimes in a gloriously long rainbow. But eventually […]

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And there was much rejoicing

From me, anyway. I’d gotten really board with all that stockinette. What am I talking about?  Why, Aidan’s sweater, of course.  Four months after I started it, I am done. DONE! Last night, before I went to bed, I folded up the sweater neatly and left it as a surprise on the corner of his […]

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It’s time.

I’ve been staring at this mess for a few months now, periodically shoving aside enough things to make a work space, but never actually putting anything away. The only thing that stresses me out more than looking at that mess is the thought of cleaning it up. Which is why it stays there, and I […]

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You’ve probably heard by now…

…much of the hoopla over SOPA and PIPA.  If you have not, I encourage you to watch this video for a plain-english explanation of the damage this bill could do to the internet as we know it. If you don’t see the embedded video below, please click through here to view it. I promise the […]

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Quick Knits for the, er, me

I’m at the Clayathon right now, taking a quick break from the polymer.  I’ve already made a nice little pile of things, and as soon as they are sanded and buffed, I’ll be sure to give you a peek.  For now, how about a completed knitting project? I just loved Eamonn’s Irish Hiking Hat so […]

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Crochet hooks, shoes, and knitting

Thank you for ordering crochet hooks this week!  I’m closing up the shop in a matter of minutes, and then I’m ordering my supplies and taking them down south to the Clayathon.  I can hardly wait for the weekend to begin. I’ve got several things I want to work on, mainly your hook orders and […]

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