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Picture Color, week one

Shall I spare you the “oh, I have been sooooo busy” and “sorry I haven’t been around more lately” speeches, and just show you what I’ve been doing in Tracey Clark’s most recent class, Picture Color*?

Yes? Ok then 🙂

Color day 1 - Blissed out on color

Day 1 – Blissed out on color – a few of my favorite hues

Color day 2 - Iconic color

Day 2 – Iconic color – can you guess what that symbol is from?

Color day 3 - Changing of the guard

Day 3 – Changing of the guard – used my snap-on macro lens to capture the change from green to pink on a teeny tiny flower

Color day 4 - Technicolor vision

Day 4 – Technicolor vision – yeah, that’s kind of bright

Color day 5 - The color of comfort

Day 5 – The color of comfort – I’m a blue jeans girl

Color day 6 - White on white

Day 6 – White on white – there’s a lot going on in this shirt, but it’s all white, and it works

Color day 7 - Color me yummy

Day 7 – the color of yummy – need I say more?

Day 8 – Punctuation mark – a pop of color on a quiet background (this box, btw, is full of packing envelopes – getting ready to send out those magazines when they get here!)

*Want to join in the fun?  If you join Big Picture Classes using this link (or by entering DE121F3 in the refer-a-friend box), you and I will both get 10% off the next time we sign up for a class.  Isn’t that cool?

Ok.  Break over.  Back to being busy 🙂


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Posted on 1 Comment

1 thought on “Picture Color, week one

  1. i really like the flower picture…also…great ring, so happy looking!

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