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The rhythm of late May

I love the sweet, predictable rhythm this time of year takes on for me.




  • It starts with our getaway to the shore.
  • It continues with the blooming of the peonies.
  • And the using of the summer linens (cherries and lemons and kitsch!)

There is my birthday, a family bbq, strawberries,  the first outdoor breakfast of the season, sleeping with the windows open, waking to the singing of the birds, reading a memoir outside in my pj’s until mid-morning… all such sweet pleasures of late spring.

I know there are more things.  What can you add to my list?

P.S. I thought of another – Grape and Cucumber Salsa, which I must go prepare now, for the aforementioned bbq!


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Posted on 2 Comments

2 thoughts on “The rhythm of late May

  1. The first morning you can sleep in and realize sleepily that it’s finally summer break and you don’t “have to” get up and do anything at all. Does that qualify as late spring?? It’s my favorite moment!!

    I LOVE peonies! They remind me of my Granny’s house. She would cut us a few and wrap them in damp paper towels so we could make it home without them wilting. I cannot see a peony now without thinking of her. So lovely 🙂

  2. We have a creek behind the house, and the mama ducks have been raising ducklings. We have been watching Mrs. Mallard’s 11 grow from little balls of yellow fluff to nearly full sized ducks. Mrs. Muscovy also had a little one on our front yard the other day.

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