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A cover for my tablet

I had a couple of wisdom teeth pulled on Tuesday, which was a less-than-lovely experience, but it was manageable.  And I was doing just fine afterwards, until I took the second dose of pain medication, and entered a world of nausea that hasn’t completely gone away two days later.   Oh, the joy.  I’m 95% better, but there’s just enough ill-feeling that being in front of the computer isn’t as enjoyable as usual (a little headachey, a tiny bit nauseous).

Still, I have been wanting to show you this tablet cover I made over the weekend.  I looked all over the internet and just didn’t find anything that fit my tablet, or was affordable enough, so I dug through my stash for supplies and made my own.  Actually, I made two, but the first had “issues.”

I don’t have a full-blown tutorial in me, so I just took a whole bunch of pictures and thought maybe you could figure it out for yourself, if you’re interested in making something similar.

It uses home decor-weight fabrics, quilt batting, a button, and a hair elastic.  Additionally, I sewed elastic onto the four triangle corners in order to make them hold the tablet more securely.

Taking the tablet out of the cover

Tablet in the cover

Inside of the cover

Tablet in elasticized corner

Elasticized corner

Elasticized corner

Cover closure

Closed tablet cover

If you are thinking about doing something similar yourself, here are some rough measurements to get you started:

  • the tablet itself (an Eee Pad): 7 x 11
  • the outer fabric + two layers of batting: 16 x 13
  • the inner fabric: two pieces 8.5 x 13 each
  • the corner triangles: two 4 x 4 squares cut on the diagonal to make four triangles

BTW, I am loving my new tablet!  I have resisted the smartphone craze all of this time, mainly because I couldn’t imagine paying so much per month for the service (I have a $10/month TracFone that is more than sufficient for my mobile calling needs).  So this tablet is like a honkin’ big Android smartphone without the cellular service – wifi only.  And it’s really cool.  I’ve been waking up to the sweet sounds of Pandora every morning, followed by a quick glance at my calendar, task list, and email, all before my feet hit the floor.

So many apps to play with, so little time!  That sounds like a good post for later in the week… I’ll tell you some of my favorites, and you can tell me some of yours.

Posted on 2 Comments

2 thoughts on “A cover for my tablet

  1. That’s almost identical to the Kindle cover I made for myself. I then made one for my sis and she asked me to make one for my niece. I had trouble with figuring out how to hold it in the cover. I like your corner thingies, especially the elastic idea-might have to try that if another relative wants one.

  2. RT @lclarke522: A cover for my tablet

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