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Doohickeys and knobs

Neil decided on a whim yesterday to clean out the boys’ bedroom closet.  It was a decision that made me clench, mostly because I know most of the junk in that closet is mine.  It’s been there since before the boys were even born.  My stuff is safe & cozy in that closet, but most importantly, it’s out of the way.

Well, boys do get bigger, and their things do start to take up more space, and even I can admit that they really need the closet space…

So, over the course of the next 30 minutes, all kinds of things made their way out of that closet (and into piles in the hallway, which are still there, but don’t get me started…arg!)   One of the items to be unearthed was this:

Granny's sewing machine

Granny’s sewing machine.  She gave it to me about 10 years ago, with the suggestion that I get it a tune-up, and then it should be fine.  I was still intimidated by the idea of sewing, at that point, and the fact that the machine wasn’t plug-and-play put me off even more.  I stuck it in the closet with the plan to give it a try “soon.”

Looking at it now, in it’s late 1960’s glory, I still find it intimidating.  I mean, look at all of those knobs and dohickeys sticking out of it!  I haven’t a clue what to do with them.  However, now that I have a few years of actual sewing under my belt, I am somewhat intrigued.  I mean, really.  How hard could it be, especially given that I have the instruction manual?  I’m seriously thinking of getting that tune-up my grandmother suggested, and giving this thing a try.

I might even unearth the little wooden sewing table that goes with it, which currently lives in the basement under 100 pounds of clutter.  Maybe.  Let’s not get too crazy now.


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Posted on 12 Comments

12 thoughts on “Doohickeys and knobs

  1. I also have my grandmother’s machine and it also needs a tune up and it is ALSO intimidating to me. I’ve got enough experience now that I’m considering digging it out and at least looking at it. Maybe.

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    1. Guess we have a lot in common, then 🙂 I think today I’m actually going to look at all of those knobs – who knows? I might understand what they’re for now!

  2. Those old machines are tough as nails! I still haul out my old 1968 Viking 5000 to sew the heavy stuff. The new computerized machines are fun to work on, but are kind of wimpy.

    My youngest DIL has my mom’s machine, a 1961 Singer. After Mom passed away, I asked who would like the machine and Kat spoke up right away. She hasn’t done much sewing, but it’s there to remind her of Grandma Pat.

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    1. My grandmother is still around, and I’m thinking that maybe the first thing I make on the machine should be something for her.

  3. I can relate about the stuff coming out of a closet, too. Hubs had to do some painting and fixing in the front coat closet and we spent four days picking our way around coats, hats, and old boots. I’m proud of him, though, he stapled new carpet on the shelf, sorted through the junk and the living room (and closet) is nice and clean again. He’s not usually so prompt about finishing a job, so I’m proud of him!

  4. Oh, you’ve inspired me to do a post about my old sewing machine, & I need to get my old typewriter out. Why haven’t I done that sooner? And oh, I wish I could take a turn with those buttons in my fingers—looks like fun. And the headbands are cute-you should sell them. So happy you shared the microwave popcorn recipe. Ok, I think I’m all caught up now!

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    1. Does your old typewriter work? I wish mine did!

  5. That looks a lot like my mother’s machine, which would have been the same vintage. I don’t think hers has ever stopped working in all these decades–like Marty says, tough-as-nails. They made some really good machines back then, it’s probably worth getting a tune up.

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    1. Well, it weighs about a thousand pounds, so I imagine it’s made of good stuff in there. Heh.

  6. This nearly makes me cry. My Grandma had a treadle machine she used until she died in 1989… I would give anything to have her machine.

    1. Yeah, my grandmother is still around, but I know exactly what you mean.

      I love having things around the house that were used by my grandparents (and great-grandparents – I have a few of those things, too!)

  7. how exciting is that?! love it…plug and play you might find yourself having some fun.

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