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Good morning

Good morning, from my coffee cup and me.  This is the same coffee cup that, less than three minutes after this picture was taken, dribbled coffee down the front of my new white shirt.  I’ve spritzed it with OxyClean and am crossing my fingers.

Note to self: next time you sew a white shirt, don’t add contrasting trim, that way it will be easy to dump it in a dye bath and turn it a lovely dark green, when the inevitable stain appears, without mourning the loss of the pretty trim pattern.

I didn’t come here to talk about dribbling coffee cups, but actually I think I’ll stop there.  Sometimes short and sweet is better.  And there’s work to be done this morning.  Hope you have a lovely day!


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Posted on 16 Comments

16 thoughts on “Dribbles

  1. I am so not motivated today. The weather is dreary and Im tired. 🙂 Just for the record Im always spilling things on the front of my shirt. Last night at dinner my kids said I needed a bib! BTW I got my button!! Thank you and I just blogged about it this morning and added the button link!

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    1. Dreary weather and lack of motivation seem to go hand-in-hand for me, as well. Glad the button arrived! Hope you have fun with it 🙂

  2. It never fails huh? Drips and spills!

    My boyfriend said, for someone who makes such colourful, floral, decorated work I have a really boring monochromatic wardrobe. I explained it was because a) I am a lazy fashion person and b) I am a stain magnet. Ergo, we have a limited range of colours, fabrics and designs in the closet.

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    1. Heh. Until I started sewing, my wardrobe consisted of mostly black or brown t-shirts, and blue jeans. Hard to mess those up. But not impossible 🙂

  3. Next time try Tide To Go. Takes out a lot of stains!

    1. Thanks for the tip. The spray-on Oxyclean I have seems to have done the trick.

  4. Dont’ feel bad, it never fails with me, new or not, as long as it already has a stain on it, nothing will fall, if it’s stain free, there you go! I try to match my outfit ( at least top) with whatever I’m eating so less problems. Also it doesn’t work if you only wear black, black stains too! I am always saying I need a bib, maybe that could be your new line Lisa! Remember back when people used to get them in fancy restaurants with their lobsters? I also even has some from an old Italian restaurant with a plate of spaghetti and meatballs on them, and they are adult sized! Maybe you could start a new trend!


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    1. Oh, could you imagine! I’d have to call them something other than “adult bibs” though, or nobody would buy them. They’d need a metro-chic name, and somebody famous to be the first to wear one in public, before they’d fly off the shelves, LOL!

  5. OH NO! What a cute shirt! Baking soda might help too :).

    1. Thanks for the sympathy and the suggestion. Luckily, the Oxyclean seems to have worked.

  6. oxy clean rules. i put it on there and just let it sit. respray if needed. i have gotten out chocolate soy milk which might as well be labeled a dye of sorts. dawn dish washing liquid is also good believe it or not. good luck. it stinks when that happens.

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    1. Oh, yeah, if it gets chocolate soy milk on it, might as well throw it directly into a dark brown dye bath, because it’s never going to be white again, LOL!

  7. I think white shirts have a special little magnet in them that just attract all sorts of stain causing things!

    I have to second the dishwashing liquid – it works great for many kitchen related stains because of the grease cutter that it contains.

    (oh and my MIL wears a large big at home! She had them made for her. I forgot what she calls them – she has a special name for them. I’ll have to ask)

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    1. True, and for some reason, I can’t seem to stop wearing white shirts!

      I tend to use my cloth napkin as a bib of sorts, when I’m eating something messy. Although, that has it’s own issues, since my napkins are handmade, and I hate to get them too mucked up 😉

  8. This is why I drink coffee with a straw. It looks odd, works fine, and has resulted in cleaner work clothes and white coats!

    1. That’s an interesting idea. I didn’t realize straws could hold up to that temperature. I should try it. It’s not like I’ve got anyone to impress while I’m eating breakfast by myself!

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