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Summer Blouse, take two (well, actually, three)

Remember my first try at the Weekend Sewing Summer Blouse?  I like it ok, but it sort of reminds me of scrubs.  Not sure why.  Anyway, I futzed around with the pattern this weekend, adding an inch here and removing an inch there, sewing up a sleeveless version, and rejecting it because it fit awfully and looked even worse than it fit.  I adjusted the pattern again, sewed up a new version, hated it, but thought it might be salvageable.  I ripped out some seams, adjusted the pattern yet again, put a new back on the shirt, and took my husband’s advice that the shirt would look better on me if it had sleeves, and finally. FINALLY. had something to show for my efforts.

New shirt

What an ordeal!  It’s not the book.  It’s me.  I’m still learning how to adjust patterns so that they will fit my shape, and I do think this weekend’s efforts were worthwhile and educational.  Besides that, I now have a pattern that fits me well, and I can crank out more of these as I see fit.

And I do see fit 🙂

I really like the modifications Ashley of Film in the Fridge made and I think some version of them may be next on my list.  I’m also thinking I might try sleeveless again, or short sleeves of some kind, because despite this being called a “Summer Blouse” I just can’t wrap my brain around long sleeves in July.  I’m a tank top kind of girl.

So, the specifics: The shirt itself is white cotton (might be a linen/cotton blend – it’s been in my stash so long I’m having trouble remembering).  The placket and neck trim is a print from Heather Bailey’s Freshcut collection.  I took a hint from Erin of House on Hill Road, and closed up the neck with a zig-zag stitch.  It’s subtle and it will stay put.  I also left off the button, as I like the neck to be open.

The great thing about using the Heather Bailey print as the contrast, is that I have a nice little pile of baubles I’d made to coordinate with it.  As such, only one question remains:

New shirt - with necklace?


New shirt - with earrings?

…or earrings?



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Posted on 18 Comments

18 thoughts on “Summer Blouse, take two (well, actually, three)

  1. both. the more bling the better, especially since they match so darn well

    See what Kathi has been blogging about: walk about

  2. The necklace.

    Love the shirt!

    See what Molly has been blogging about: New to my Reader

  3. Go with the necklace. Very cool…I like the fabric. I am digging into this book very soon. I have my eye on the all weekend sundress. It is a knit…have you had any luck sewing with knit? I am not ashamed to admit that it scares me just a bit.

    See what dani@little fists has been blogging about: Peek-A-Boo

    1. I have verrrrry limited experience with knit fabrics. In fact, the only sewing I’ve done with it has been reconstructing a t-shirt. I’d be unsure about cutting into a knit fabric I’d actually paid for, LOL! Good luck!

  4. cute cute cute!

    I’m wearing mine today too. Well, one of them. I went sleeveless.

    See what Sarah Jackson has been blogging about: Release party

  5. I’d go with the earrings, you already have the color at your neck, the earrings pull up that color to your beautiful face area and highlight that.

    See what Kate has been blogging about: Baby Bok Choy Vertigris Ring

  6. I think both are great! The more the merrier. BTW Im so excited to hear more on those buttons!

    See what kashoan has been blogging about: Saturday happenings…

  7. Thanks, everyone! I wore the necklace around the house all morning, but switched to earrings at the last minute. That’s me – fickle to the end 🙂

  8. Both. It will add the bling. I just got that book and that shirt is one of the first projects I have marked to make. Now if I can I only find the time.

    See what Janey has been blogging about: She’s Nine

  9. Love the shirt!!! Very cute. The necklace is just perfect with us but the earings are small enough they would probably work as well.


  10. Both, of course! A girl can never go wrong with both earrings and necklace! They match really well.

    See what Marty has been blogging about: Sunday Afternoon

  11. Wow, the detail on that shirt is fabulous! I love it, and the contrasting HB fabric makes it even more full of awesomeness. Way to go. (BTW, I know what it’s like to undo/redo/undo/redo. I just did that with a laptop sleeve on Monday night. Sigh!)

    See what Robyn has been blogging about: Spring? Is that you?

  12. Both! Bling it up!

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  14. I don’t actually think it’s you – if you search online (including Amazon reviews) there’s a lot of feedback from people who have had similar sizing issues that you did! It sounds like these patterns just weren’t tested enough.

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