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They call me Mellow Yellow

More Yellow Week.  Did you know there’s a flickr group for this, too?  I didn’t think I cared much for yellow until I started seeing some of the striking photos people are taking.

Yellow Week : Center

I bought myself flowers two Fridays ago and they’re still hanging in there.  Pretty impressive lifespan for a supermarket impulse buy.

Yellow Week : Smile

There are a lot more yellow items in my house than I originally thought there were.  Particularly in among the kids’ things.  Be happy 🙂

Yellow Week : Knit

Knitting on a yellow loom while wearing a yellow shirt. This is a vest in progress, but it looks more like a poodle at the moment.  Not feeling particularly optimistic about this project…

Posted on 2 Comments

2 thoughts on “They call me Mellow Yellow

  1. I’m lovin’ yellow too!

    See what nikki/whimsylove has been blogging about: Photo Tag Book Tutorial

  2. I took a photography course several years back and our first assignment was “inspired by yellow”. The best photo I took was a series of stop lights that all synched on Yellow (took forever and meant sitting through several cycles). It was kismet. I was reinforced nicely by the teacher. I’m not a yellow fan, but your post gave me back the memory of my one yellow kismet moment. Thanks.

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