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I woke up with morning with holiday swapping on my mind.  I started working on the CD portion of the exchange, but quickly burned-out on All Things Christmas and suddenly wanted nothing to do with the whole thing.

[As an aside, maybe the kind of swap I need is an Easily Distracted Swap.  The rules would be like this: “Plan to send your partner a handcrafted Christmas ornament, think about it for a week, envisioning every detail.  At the last minute, lose interest in the idea, and put whatever the heck you feel like making at the last minute in the box.”  Yeah… that would be perfect for me.]

Christmas gift

Anyway, I’m letting the CD playlist sit for a day, until I can decide if it really is any good.  The rest of it, I’ll work on tomorrow.  Yes, I know I said I was going to work on it today.  But, you see, after I shook myself out of my holiday-music-induced funk via some kitchen cleaning and laundry folding, I was back in the mood to make things.  Good news for the swap, yes?  Well, no, because I really wasn’t in an ornament-making mood as much as a gift-making mood.

Christmas gift

I’d love to tell you all about this project.  I’ve had it in mind for at least a month, but certain aspects of its construction were just not coming together for me, and I was starting to fear that I would have to skip it.  Then something clicked while I was having my lunch.  I worked on it the rest of the afternoon, and tonight on the couch while watching Christmas specials with the boys.  I’m so happy with the way it came out, and I’d show it to you, but for one little fact:  It’s a Christmas gift for my in-laws, and my Facebook account is crawling with Clarkes this year.  My blog & flickr feeds automatically post to my wall, so no showing off any gifts there!

What was I thinking, befriending family on Facebook?  It’s cramping my style, man! 😉


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Posted on 4 Comments

4 thoughts on “Distractable

  1. What application do you use on Facebook so that your blog feed shows up there?

    See what Teri H has been blogging about: The Brynncess… in Texas

    1. I use Wordbook, which is a WordPress plugin. But you can also go to your Facebook wall, and click on “settings” (right under the blue Post button). There’s an option to import several kinds of feeds including rss.

  2. Thanks! I’m a bit “computer illiterate” until someone guides me! I love all your creativity on your blog!

    1. You’re welcome! And I’m glad you enjoy the blog – I enjoy writing it 🙂

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