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Do you do this?

Tacky Santa says hello And by “this” I mean, get sucked into reading old posts on your own blog?

Do you innocently follow a link back to something you said four months ago, and then find yourself spending the next hour reading about berry-picking, swimming, and lemonade smoothies?

Or do you maybe look back to the post you wrote exactly one year ago today, and then re-experience your entire 2007 holiday season, from the day you hung the “Closed for Vacation” sign in your shop window, to two days after Christmas when you spent fourteen hours playing Zoo Tycoon in your pajamas, through to the early January 2008 heatwave and beyond?

No?  Really?   Oh.  Well, me neither. 😉

Posted on 7 Comments

7 thoughts on “Do you do this?

  1. I definitely do that Lisa! I think sometimes you can spend so much time writing about stuff that you forget what you wrote. The nice thing is, I pick up great tips from myself all the time! 🙂

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    1. I pick up great tips from myself all the time!

      Now, that is funny!

  2. Oh no, I wouldn’t say that my blog is my favorite to read of them all, nope. I also wouldn’t say that I read every post I make several times, just loving every word, nah uh. Wouldn’t say that–ok, I would.

    1. Ok, good. It’s nice to see that there’s somebody else in this world who’s as turned-off by her own writing as I am by mine.

  3. Yes, I spend time every month or so reading my own old posts!

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  4. That’s funny – I was rereading stuff from my personal blog on Livejournal to see what I had to friends lock before I got posting there again.

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  5. Lol! i so do that! mind you sometimes I wonder if I’m the ONLY person (apart from mum) who reads my blog!! But I think blogging is the best form of journal! Never falls behind the bed, never gets coffee spilt on it, pages don’t get torn out for shopping lists – its win win!!

    Love your blog by the way. I do read you!

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