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Decisions, decisions…

How fabulous would life be, if the most pressing matter on your mind was which Amy Butler Midwest Modern fabric to use in your new holiday skirt?  Join me in this happy little fantasy world, won’t you?  And solve my most pressing dilemma:

decisions, decisions...


decisions, decisions...

…or Optic Blossom?

The plan is to wear the same black ribbed turtleneck and gray sweater, plus black tights.  I’m thinking the skirt will be one of my usual easy elastic-waist Sew What! Skirts numbers.  However, the thought has occurred to me, that I could make a wrap skirt instead, and use both fabrics – Optic Blossom for the main one, and Martini for the accent.

Opinions, oh artsy friends with absolutely nothing more important to think about? 😉

[edited to add: ok, I’m sold on the reversible wrap skirt idea!  I also realized I don’t have enough fabric.  So… I won’t be making it tonight, but I will soon, and I’ll be sure to share pictures (was there any doubt, LOL!?) Thanks for all of the feedback!]

Posted on 20 Comments

20 thoughts on “Decisions, decisions…

  1. I say both, but then I’m a “more patterns are more fun” kinda person. But these are pretty similar prints, and pretty subtle color-wise, so I think this combination might be very easy to pull off.

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    1. The mustard and gray in both patterns are exactly the same shades, so pairing them is definitely do-able. And I’m very-much leaning in that direction…

  2. I would pair them. I have those same fabrics and they’re great together. Go with fun wrap skirt.

    I need to do the same thing. I’m so busy sewing gifts that I forgot about a skirt!

    See what Sarah Jackson has been blogging about: all about the science

    1. I’d have forgotten, too, except that fabric is also the same stuff I’m using to make a set of napkins for someone on my gift list. I was cutting out the napkins this morning when I started thinking SKIRT…

  3. I’m with your facebook pal who suggested “reversible,” if only because lightweight fabric in December in NJ with no lining sounds very cold to me. 🙂

    See what bzzzzgrrrl has been blogging about: Ice rage

    1. I hadn’t thought about the warmth factor. I could just make sure I run quickly from car to house before the cold can permeate my tights, LOL!

  4. i say use both- but use the martini one as a sort of tie/sash thing and the optic blossom as the body of the skirt (I’m imagining it like an apron, only it’ll be a full skirt). i have some amy butler fabric i need to use up too!

    1. That’s what I’m thinking, too. The wrap skirt I usually make has very thin ties, so maybe I’ll modify it so the ties are larger and more decorative…

  5. I’m really preferring the Optic Blossom with the top combo, but I agree that it would be pretty with the other as an accent!

    And definitely some top-stitching in dark grey. 😉

    1. Ooh, yes, I hadn’t considered thread before. I think I need to go shopping 🙂

  6. I prefer the optic blossom… but the other one would sure be pretty too! What a dilemma!!! LOL

    1. Yeah, tough problem to have, isn’t it? 😉 Thanks for weighing in!

  7. Definitely both. Awesome combintation!

    See what Deb has been blogging about: James

    1. I agree. I’m definitely sold on the reversible wrap skirt idea now.

  8. If just one sided I would do Optic Blossom. If you are doing a wrap make it reversible and you can wear both fabrics!

    Or you could do the Optic Blossom and add a flounce in Martini to the bottom 😉 The holidays DO call for flounce!

    See what Stephanie has been blogging about: Friday Finds – last minute gifts for your office mates

    1. So true! I like that idea. I’ve not been particularly successful with flounces in the past, but I bet I could do it nicely if I looked for some instructions instead of just winging it like I usually do, LOL!

  9. Well in case you don’t end up with the reversible skirt – I choose Optic Blossom, if for no other reason than I love that name.

    See what Lisa has been blogging about: Weekend Roundup

    1. LOL, yes, that is kind of a fun name!

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