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Reading about yourself in the third person can be an odd experience.  You might find yourself thinking any number of second-guessing kind of thoughts, such as:

Did I really say that? (Sorry, Mom – I think something got lost in translation, and I don’t ever remember our crafting together ending in tears. Driving lessons and piano lessons were another story, but I think we can chalk those up to me being a teenager and you and I being too much alike for our own good…It’s all good now, though, right?)

New shirt and pendant
The "mod floral top" I was wearing to the interview. It was mentioned in the article.

Did I really wear that? Note to self: When you are being photographed sitting at your sewing machine, the most interesting part of your wardrobe should be your shirt, (like the one you wore to the interview), not your skirt, which will be hidden under the table the whole time. Ah, yes, wasn’t my white Target t-shirt just faboo??

Do I really seem that perfect? I don’t know how organized you are, or how much you’ve got it together, or whether you are flying effortlessly through your days in an effervescent mix of artfulness, domesticity and good parenting, but on the off chance that you’re falling slightly short of perfect, it might make you feel better to see that this is what my dining room looked like on the day of the interview.  There.  I thought that might cheer you up.

Thank you, Vicki, for the interview.  And you – if you are visiting here for the first time after reading the article, thank you for dropping by. I hope you’ll stick around for a while!

I plan to be back in this space sometime this weekend to chat about my participation in Sew Liberated’s Holiday Traditions Exchange. As usual, I’ve left everything to the last minute, but I think I can put together something nice. I work best under pressure!

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  1. Congratulations on the article, Lisa! 🙂

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