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Peaceful rhythm

It seems to me, if a girl is going to have to get by on five hours of sleep, and if she also has a scratchy throat and can feel the congestion building in her head by the minute, then she might be tempted to spend as much time as possible sitting in a cozy spot on the couch, doing very little.

Cozy spot on the couch

One Object 365 Days: 292/365 10/18/08 Cozy spot on the couch

Perhaps this is nature’s way of forcing me to slow down and enjoy the process of adding my very first actual binding to a quilt.  A few days ago, the thought of all of that hand-stitching filled me with impatience and boredom.  Now the idea of settling down under that nearly finished green quilt and losing myself in the slow, peaceful rhythm of sewing is enticing me, calling me to get started.

And I’ll do it, too.  Just as soon as I learn how to slip stitch 🙂



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Posted on 6 Comments

6 thoughts on “Peaceful rhythm

  1. You know, if you can sit on the couch and stitch for a while, you could learn to knit or crochet…be happy to teach you next time I’m in NJ. 😉

    (Yes, I’m evil…total craft enabler.)

    1. Oh, you are evil. MUST. RESIST.

  2. i know what you mean – i love to sit on my couch and knit – thats so peaceful and calm a little bit meditative. i hope you enjoy it!

    lovely greetings from austria – gudrun

    1. Ooh, I definitely did. I think I don’t slow down and do this type of thing nearly enough!

      Nice to hear from you, Gudrun. I love all of your work that I’ve been seeing round the clay blogs recently!

  3. It’s a lovely way to spend a day, but I hope you feel all well soon!

    See what Anitra Cameron has been blogging about: 5 STEPS TO RUINED

    1. Thanks, Anitra. I’m feeling a bit better today. Should be back to my old self in no time 🙂

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