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The completed quilt series

I took my time, and over the course of several days, finished up the now infamous yellow quilt, and with that completed the whole series.  Four oversized lap quilts with matching pillows in Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow – one set for each of us. Now that they’re finished, I thought you might like to […]

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Well, I did it.  I bound my first quilt.  Well, actually it’s my third quilt, but it’s the first one with a binding.  You know what I mean.  I’m typing under the influence of decongestants, so I really can’t be held responsible for the clarity or eloquence (or lack thereof) of my words. It’s never […]

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Anticipating a crafty weekend

I spent all day yesterday packing orders, shipping them, and taming my various email accounts.  Still not done with the email, but I felt I needed a day off today, nonetheless.  So… I put on some music, straightened up the house (because, for some reason, I actually felt like it) and then spent the next […]

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A second quilt for a second son

I’m so giddy over the new quilts in the family!  I’m so ready to make another one.  And, thank you, those of you who mentioned that binding isn’t as bad as at sounds.  I may just give it a try… So this one is for Eamonn.  I love the colors in it.  And I’m suddenly […]

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My first quilt!

Nearly fourteen months ago, I went insane and splurged on an Amy Butler Lotus fat quarter set, despite the fact that I’d only had 90 days of sewing under my belt, and the 3-4 quilts I intended to make comprised a project well beyond my comfort level.  I managed to stitch together two quilt tops […]

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