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Quilt #3 and Pillow

Well, I did it.  I bound my first quilt.  Well, actually it’s my third quilt, but it’s the first one with a binding.  You know what I mean.  I’m typing under the influence of decongestants, so I really can’t be held responsible for the clarity or eloquence (or lack thereof) of my words.

It’s never a pretty thing to be taken down by a cold, but it’s even less attractive when it happens during a single-parenting weekend.  Neil was at Capclave from Friday morning to Sunday night, and I?  I was on the couch.

Oh, alright, I wasn’t on the couch the whole time.  But by Saturday night my head was packed with congestion, and I gave up the idea of doing anything interesting with the kids this weekend.

Quilt #3 and Pillow

Instead, I installed myself into my favorite corner of the couch, placed my unbound quilt on my lap, and proceeded to learn how to slip-stitch.  I looked at the instructions in a book.  Didn’t get it.  I found a written online tutorial with accompanying photographs.  Still didn’t get it.  I got my “ah ha!” moment from this very helpful video, and proceeded to hand stitch the binding onto my quilt.

I sat there for two hours, peacefully sewing, watching a mish-mosh of strange things on tv.  Most of the time, the boys, too, were on the couch, nestled into the crook of my knees, also under the quilt.  My laptop rested on my legs, and the boys used it to send email to their Dad, letting them know they missed him.  My favorite part of Eamonn’s lengthy letter was the part where he declared, “MOMS CWILT IS COMFEY.”

He was right.  It was comfy.  I wasn’t able to take them anywhere interesting this weekend, like I usually do when Dad’s away, but it didn’t matter.  We had the couch and the “comfey cwilt.”

Quilt #3

Two more hours of stitching after the boys went to bed, and it was done.  I’m so impressed with the way it came out!  I have two specific areas that I know need improvement (and I will work on doing them better for the yellow quilt), but they’re subtle enough not to bother me.

Just one more quilt left in this series, and then I can turn my creative energy elsewhere (hint: I just placed an order at Rings & Things).



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Posted on 13 Comments

13 thoughts on “Bound

  1. Looks good! Binding can be intimidating but once you figure it out you kind of wonder what you were afraid of.

    Hope you feel better soon. It’s no fun being sick. At least you had something to do while you were stuck on the couch.

    See what Ellen has been blogging about: Conversation with a toddler, part 2

    1. True – the binding is, I think, what scared me off of quilts for most of the last year. As it turns out, it’s not really hard at all. Just time-consuming. Generally I avoid any project that takes me more than an hour or two, but sometimes it really is worth it to do something more long-term.

  2. yay!! congrats..on the quilt finish…not the cold 🙁 hop on over for a cupcake week on my blog. maybe that will help! everyone is invited.

    See what becky has been blogging about: CUPCAKE WEEK

    1. Mmmm, maybe a cupcake for breakfast will be just what the doctor ordered 😉

  3. I think perhaps I have that cold you have. I have been on this chair with the laptop keeping me warm for the past two hours. Beautiful quilt(s)!
    I watched the tutorial on the slip stitch, good information. But, I have NEVER even thought to measure out 18″ of thread! fun.

    See what Carrie G has been blogging about: Mixing Paint

    1. Sorry to hear you have it too. No fun! And I didn’t actually measure 18 inches. I did an arm’s length.

  4. Look at you! Binding a quilt can be intimidating even for a veteran seamstress. It’s hard to believe you’ve only been sewing for a little over a year.

    All of your quilts are gorgeous and almost, almost make me want to try one.

    You go girl!

    See what Denise has been blogging about: I was right, for once

    1. Thanks! I’m actually inspired to try something a little more complicated than this design. I think that would be a good project for after Christmas 😀

  5. The quilt came out great! I love hand sewing, I find it very relaxing. It sounds like you had a lovely evening besides the being sick part : )

    See what Tonya Richard has been blogging about: Monday morning

  6. Looks great, Lisa! I don’t think I’m yet brave enough for quiltmaking, but I’m glad that the binding came out so well for you.
    Hope you’re feeling better soon!

    See what Laura has been blogging about: Vibrant necklace – karmabeads

  7. Hi, Lisa, hope you’ll enjoy your order from us! 😉

    at Rings & Things

    See what Dave Robertson has been blogging about: For that turquoise look…

  8. WOOHOO! You did it! (told you it was a good excuse to sit on the couch under a quilt)

    Sorry you are under the weather – I too have a nasty cold that has side-lined me for almost a week

    See what Jen has been blogging about: Woody too…

    1. I hope you are feeling better. What is it with colds, anyway? I feel like the older I get, the longer a simple cold keeps me down!

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