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What I would be making right now…

    …if I had the materials I needed on-hand, is a fabulous lunch ensemble idea that I came up with.

    It would start with a lunch bag, something like this, these, or this (no need to click these red-underlined links, by the way – just hover over them to see the images).  I’d make two of them, in prints appropriate for little men, and possibly line them with something that would wipe clean easily.

    I’d head to the dollar store and pick out a collection of forks and spoons that are not disposable, but that I wouldn’t miss if they were accidentally tossed.

    Then, I’d make a small pile of cloth napkins that coordinate with the lunch bags, so that I could put one in each bag every day.

    And lastly, I’d make two (or maybe four, so I’d have spares) of these absolutely coolest-ever sandwich wraps.  To coordinate with the bags and napkins, of course.

    And somewhere in there (probably on the big bag itself) would be a well-placed, perfectly-coordinated polymer clay button.  Of course.

    My children probably couldn’t care less about well-matched lunch accessories, But I would be super thrilled by them.  And I’d be happy about all of the re-usable things inside, too.

    I think I need to go fabric shopping.  And be sure to think “boyish” when I do 🙂

    Posted on 8 Comments

    8 thoughts on “What I would be making right now…

    1. I wanted to do the same thing last year…for me, not the 13 yr old because anything I do is the opposite of cool. of course, I never go anywhere that would re-quire perfectly coordinated lunch items.

      :::le sigh::::

      1. Same here! I eat lunch sitting sideways in my favorite living room chair, most of the time. No need for fancy accessories.

        Not that I’m complaining! [noting this, lest Neil is reading and feels compelled to make me get a job or something]

    2. Okay, now I have to bug my husband some more to finish up my craft room so the sewing machine can be moved in there. I just love all the things you find and share with us. Thank you.


      1. My pleasure! I like that I can post about it, even if I can’t get around to actually making it 🙂

    3. Don’t you love that oilcloth lunch bag! Very cute stuff!

      1. Yes! Some of the ones I’ve seen remind me so much of my grandmother’s tablecloths.

    4. My daughter is at the age (3rd grade) where Im quite embarassing. She takes cold lunch every day….I wish I could make this for her. 🙂 Im back at blogging again…come check it out sometime when you are not busy. Kashoan

      See what Kashoan has been blogging about: All of this during a trip to Joann’s fabric Store

      1. Yeah, I have to be careful not to pick fabrics that will embarass my 3rd grader. I’ve already been instructed to stop leaving notes in his lunchbox, LOL!

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