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The good, the bad, and the distracting

Recently Aidan’s teacher has been keeping me aware of Aidan’s difficulty focusing on his school work. He’s a very bright boy, does extremely well on tests, but when it comes to completing classroom work in a timely manner, he has issues. The child can be distracted by anything and everything, from a speck on the desk to his own fingers. His lively imagination will be his undoing. This isn’t really new for him, and on nights like tonight, I can certainly see where some of the roots of his focusing issues lie…

I haven’t finished my taxes yet. I should be working on them this very moment. But I can list about three thousand distractions that would be so much more satisfying… I’m not sure a speck on the desk or my own fingers hold very much interest for me (I am sorely lacking in the imagination department – Aidan gets that from Neil) but I sure would enjoy making my way through Google Reader for an hour or so. Or exploring Facebook to find people I used to know before I was old enough to have to do taxes. Or reading a book. Or watching an episode of “Clean House” (guilty pleasure – don’t laugh!). Or posting Flickr pictures of today’s newest claythings that I made in preparation for my show on Friday night.

New pendants and earrings
*sigh* I don’t do “boring” well.

Oh, I’ve been meaning to share this but I keep forgetting. My vote for the best title of a Flickr group ever:

Solidarity League of Creative Women Distracted by ooooh! Shiny!


Sadly, everything is shiny compared to taxes…

Posted on 8 Comments

8 thoughts on “The good, the bad, and the distracting

  1. I can’t believe you watch Clean House. It is one of my favorites. At the moment I am watching Clean House Comes Clean. It IS a guilty pleasure.

    Good luck with your taxes. You still have a few more days to procrastinate. Use them wisely.


    1. It’s funny – that show is so hokey, but I am finding that I really enjoy watching it. Nothing wrong with a little mindless entertainment before bed, I think 🙂

  2. I’m casting my vote with you. THAT is a funny name! Good luck at your show!

    1. Thanks! As long as I come home with enough money in my pocket to make it worth schlepping my stuff over there in the rain they’re predicting, I’ll be happy 😀

  3. Lisa don’t worry about Aidan. My son Fisher had the same problems when he was in grade 2 and 3. He often had to sit out in the hall so he could focus. Aidan may be bored. When they are bright like that, stuff they know is boring and they have to go to a more interesting place in their brain. (Plus little boys tend to wiggle a lot. Too much stored energy, trying to get out!)

    When he gets a little older, the work gets more interesting and they are finally getting challenged. Fisher now works really hard and gets very high marks… doesn’t have to spend time in the hall any more. Yeah!

    See what Cindy Lietz has been blogging about: Sanding Polymer Clay with Drywall Sandpaper Means Less Gouging

    1. They put him in the hall? That’s funny and sad at the same time! Aidan knows how many floor tiles there are between the bathroom and his classroom, so something tells me there may be just as many distractions for him in the hallway as there are in the classroom, LOL!

      I’m not overly concerned – I had similar problems as a kid. It just comes from being ridiculously smart and completely disorganized. Once we find the right coping mechanism for him, I imagine it will be less of an issue. And, like you said, hopefully the material will become more challenging soon.

  4. Ooh, I love the purple oval one! I’m with you on not having taxes done yet. Eek, our house is leaving it right on until the last minute, as usual, I suppose!

    1. Thanks! That seems to be a popular one, judging from comments I’m hearing 🙂

      A friend of mine used to do our taxes, so at least I’d have her nudging me every few weeks. She’s out of the tax business now, though, and I have to either do them myself or run them over to the local H&R Block. I’d do them myself, but with three sole proprietorship businesses between us, I’m a little concerned that I’d miss something.

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