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Gray and slimy

As I lounge here on the couch, portable computer on my lap, waiting for the lingering unpleasantries of this illness to pass, I am suddenly in the mood to make myself some cheery pajama pants.

I’ll let you in on a gross little secret. My last shower was on Tuesday night.  And the gray t-shirt and yoga pants that I put on after that shower? I’m still wearing them. Yeah, ewwwwww. In fact, let’s just say that again: ewwwwww.  [edited to say: Good news – I was wrong.  It was Wednesday.  Still gross, but not quite as much.]

Under the weather
How did I come to be so gray and slimy? As it happened, 4am on Wednesday was when the evil virus first reared it’s ugly head around here, and all day Wednesday, Eamonn was just too sick to leave alone for 15 minutes at a time. [edited to say: it was at this point that I left Neil in charge of Eamonn and got that Wednesday evening shower I originally thought was on Tuesday.] By Thursday morning, he was somewhat better, but if I was going to be spending all day keeping him company and not being seen in public, I saw no reason why I needed to shower. It had only been a day and a half a half day.  I figured I’d take one that night, but then Neil and Aidan had to go out, and Eamonn was clingy so I skipped it. There would always be Friday morning, and by then I’d definitely want it. I wish I had realized that I’d be throwing up all night between Thursday and Friday, and spending the subsequent days not sure I could be trusted to stand upright long enough to get a decent shower. So now it’s Sunday (right? I think I’ve lost track…) and I just have to say again, ewwwwww.

TMI? Perhaps. Ok, almost definitely. But if nothing else, it should illustrate just how gross I feel. And how, suddenly, the idea of being squeaky clean and wearing something bright and cheery, made especially for me, would be super appealing right now. It might even be enough to make me feel downright healthy again.

One Object 365 Days: 97/365 04/06/08
I think I’m well enough to handle a quick shower at this point, but Aidan and Neil are now sick. Thankfully, they don’t seem to be quite as afflicted and Eamonn and I were, but they’re still feeling really unwell. Aidan is immobile on the other part of the couch and Neil seems to have disappeared. Probably upstairs lying down. Eamonn seems to be the only person in this house who is 100% well at this point. Glad he’s feeling better, and that bodes well for me, too. I should be ok tomorrow. But I am, unfortunately, the most healthy adult in the house at the moment, despite how I actually feel, and I’m not sure I can disappear to take a shower. And I certainly can’t run off and sew up a pair of cheery pants. 🙁

You know what else? Apparently nobody wants to read about gray and slimy people. My stats have tanked these last few days, LOL! Can’t say I blame anyone. How about we end on a cuter note?

Happy Belated Birthday!
Eamonn was too sick for any fanfare on his real birthday (Friday), but on Saturday Neil put a candle in a cupcake that he bought, and we sang “Happy Birthday.” Eamonn enjoyed that, although his stomach couldn’t actually handle the cupcake itself until this morning.

Man, have I ever got to do something nice for this poor kid’s birthday when we all feel better!

And I don’t even want to think about what my to-do list looks like at this point.

A shower and some cheery pajama pants sure would make me feel better, I bet 😀

Posted on 15 Comments

15 thoughts on “Gray and slimy

  1. Poor you! I’m sending you and your fam lots of Good Health Vibes. My partner had this virus for several weeks, and it really does take over your life. Don’t even worry about your stats – we all love even the grey and slimy you.

    1. LOL, I was just being dramatic about the stats 😉

      Thanks for the Good Health Vibes. I’m really ready to get out of this room and breathe some fresh air!

  2. I came back from Easter break sick and this weekend am almost over it but passed it on to my kiddo who has spent the weekend miserable. It’s been one of those weeks!

    Whats the April ‘Colour’ going to be if your brain has gotten that far yet? I’m hoping that something in my mad production gets close 😉

    See what Elaine has been blogging about: Worn Out Perspectives for Artists

    1. Actually, I *just* decided that there isn’t going to be an April color. By the time I get a moment to judge March, there won’t be much time left to enjoy April’s color. I’m just going to keep the green going until May.

      Given all of the sickness floating around, green seems rather appropriate anyway 😀

      1. lol… OK I will go dig up something nice and green! And my small person was more the washed out grey colour.

  3. {{{{hugs}}}}} feel better soon in the Clarke household. I love the picture of Eammon and his birthday candle cupcake.

    1. Thanks! I think we’re over the worst of it. I know Eamonn and I are at least!

      I like that picture, too. Oh, and happy belated birthday to you, too! I had forgotten, in my fever-induced fog, that you’d said your birthday was the same day as E’s.

      1. thanks mom, since I am old now I can stretch my b’day out for as long as I want

        I am glad you two are feeling better and that you finally got that shower and some outside time 🙂

  4. The yuck hasn’t made it to AZ yet – your kids are so cute – even sick!
    Hope you all feel better soon and you get those PJ’s made, even a pendant to go with them. I love your Blog and read it as often as you’re able to post. One of these days I’ll order some of the stuff I keep looking at !

    1. Thanks, Judy! I hope the yuck stays out of AZ. It’s really not fun. I managed to make the pj’s, but now you’ve got my mind spinning about matching pendants. Oh, how I wish there was time for that, because it sounds like so much fun!

  5. Awww… I’m so sorry you’ve been sick. My daughter was real sick on her birthday once, I feel bad for your son. You know they’re sick when they won’t eat cupcakes! I hope you all heal up real quick. You’re probably right about those cozy pajamas… they would make me feel better too.

    See what Cindy Lietz has been blogging about: Sanding Polymer Clay with Drywall Sandpaper Means Less Gouging

    1. Makes you feel sorry for the poor little things when they can’t even enjoy their birthday, doesn’t it? He’s all better now, at least, and already trying to schedule a “make-up” birthday, LOL!

  6. Aww, Lisa! Hope you are feeling better today! Hugs! LisaW

    1. Thanks, Lis. I do feel so much better today!

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