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Busted Bibs

So much for that idea

So I came up with this brilliant idea while making a drug store run a few days ago.  Drug Fair had these bundled packs of a dozen brightly-colored wash cloths for $6.  Now maybe that should have been a tip-off right there as to the quality of these things.  A more savvy shopper might have thought to herself, “gee, these would make some nice colorful rags to keep under the sink.”  My thoughts, however, were more along the lines of, “ooh!  I can use these as the backing material for bibs!”

My cousin and his wife are expecting their first babies soon.  Twin boys.  There is a shower tomorrow that I will most likely be attending, assuming I’m not busy coughing up a lung that day.  I wanted to make them a set of coordinating bibs using some scraps I have left from the lap blankets I made my boys, but I was having trouble deciding on the backing material.  The washcloths seemed like such a cool idea.  At the time.

As you might guess, washcloths sold in a drug store for 50 cents each are not manufactured with the same exacting standards as Martha Stewart’s Egyptian Cotton towels, for example.  I cut up four of them to use, but I only got around to sewing the first – a blue one which shed little blue fuzzies all over my table, my shirt and the carpet.   And even if I could have lived with that, there was the small issue of the whole thing being too thick to turn the bib right-side-out fully.  As you can see from the image, I only got one of the two sides that go around the neck pushed out before I gave up.

So I guess I’ll be cutting up some more scraps to replace the one bib I sacrificed to the gods of unique-but-flawed projects, and just go with flannel on the back.  Argh.  I really should have done this a month ago when the invitation arrived…

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2 thoughts on “Busted Bibs

  1. Nice try sweet polka dot! The material is adorable!

  2. […] Ah. That’s better 🙂 I ditched the washcloth idea and went with some flannel instead. […]

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