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Leaky pipes and polka dots

Uh oh.

Our kitchen sink is out of commission at the moment. Why, you may ask?

Uh oh

Well, apparently while I was rinsing off dishes and running the dishwasher this afternoon, the basement was getting a shower. Yeah, there’s nothing like a big ol’ hole in the pipe to make you declutter a basement in a hurry! Fun. Looks like I’ll be waiting for a plumber tomorrow…

One Object 365 Days: 65/365 03/05/08

I think I’m feeling better.  Better enough to play around with matching necklaces, pajamas, and lipstick, anyway Wink.  (Now if I’d only painted my toenails bright red, too, that would have been a great photo.)  I made this pendant at the first clayathon, and I made it specifically to match these pj’s.  Not sure why – it’s not like I wear necklaces to bed.  Guess I’m just strange that way!   I think I need to get myself some fabric like this and make a skirt, don’t you?  How fun would that be?!

Posted on 4 Comments

4 thoughts on “Leaky pipes and polka dots

  1. why? because it has polka dots all over it…thats why 🙂 Thank you for the smile these pictures gave me

  2. Lisa, I can’t believe you haven’t painted your toe nails……shame on you woman!

  3. I had to laugh at your photo with the pj’s. The pendant is so cute. I’m a regular reader but i think this is my first time posting. Your toenails look like mine. Got a pedicure about 2 months ago and i am constantly telling myself to remove the polish but my cat doesn’t object to seeing my toe polish.

    See what Orangesun has been blogging about: Capsleeve Chiffon – Choice 2

  4. I have those SAME pj pants! Only difference is that they were washed with a really green towel and now the white dots are, well…. greenish dots. Love that you made a necklace to match. Very cute!

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