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Building better bibs

New bibs

Ah. That’s better icon_smile-flickr-1-7.  I ditched the washcloth idea and went with some flannel instead.  The fronts are linen paired with American Jane’s Look and Learn leftovers from the boys’ lap blankets.  Everything I used came from my stash, which is nice.

I made them very much in the style of my scarves, but following (with a few tweaks) the shape of the pattern from Bend the Rules Sewing.   I had to resist my very strong urge to put a clay button somewhere on these, but eventually my desire not to to give the babies something windpipe-shaped to gnaw on won out.

So the top four will be going to my cousin, and the bottom three are as yet unspoken for.  I’m thinking of trying them out on Etsy.  Or maybe just donating them to an upcoming MOMS Club stork basket.  Of course, wouldn’t you know it, all of the club’s expectant moms right now are having girls.

Next on my crafty to-do list?

But first? I have a few orders to ship and a kitchen to finish organizing.  (You should see what I’ve been doing in the kitchen this week.  The surfaces are so clear of clutter, it’s wooooooonderful!)


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Posted on 1 Comment

1 thought on “Building better bibs

  1. the trick with clear and clutter free counters is to KEEP them that way. I do a spring and fall cleaning and I swear that gives the other half a green light to pile more on them. *sigh*

    The bibs look wonderful Lisa. They will soon be worn with love and spit up 😀

    oh…I did a stripy blend after being synergized here and now I ahve to figure out what to do with it 😀

    See what Kathi has been blogging about: New Dichroic cabs on Etsy

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