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Holy relapse, Batman!

Oh, poor me.  I was finally feeling like I was at the end of my cold.  It had been two weeks and I just had a bit of a cough left.  And then WHAM!  BAM!  POW! I had a sneezing fit this morning and have been congesting up more and more as the day progressed.

Well, darn.   This is how the beginning of a cold feels, not the end.  Maybe running all over cold and rainy Baltimore while I was sick wasn’t the wisest of ideas last week…

I’m not going to whine.  Not tonight, anyway.  I’m not making any promises about tomorrow, though icon_biggrin-flickr

I added some great new things to the store today that you might want to check out.  Here are a couple of highlights:


Seth Savarick mentioned the book Art & Fear to me in an email conversation this week, and I noticed Susan talk about it over at Polymer Clay Notes earlier this month.  In light of all of our recent chatting about artsy things around here, I thought it might make for a good addition to the store.

And in the “who knew this thing was even still available out there?” department is the Masters’ Invitational Polymer Clay Exhibition Catalog from 1997. MIPCES was the brainchild of Elise Winters (you can read more about it on her interesting Polymer Art Archive site) and the booklet includes images and words from several of the exhibiting artists.  I got my hands on a few of these catalogs, but the supply is limited and I have no idea how many times I’ll be able to re-order before they’re gone.


I also added The Crafter Culture Handbook, which I’ve been wanting to check out for a while.  I think the whole DIY movement is pretty interesting, and although I haven’t run out and joined a craft mafia just yet, I definitely started to feel more a part of the culture once I bought my sewing machine.  This book does have a bit of a needlecrafts bias, but it also includes crafty recycling projects, electronic crafts, and bath & body products.  I’ve only done a cursory flip through it so far, so I don’t know if there are any clay projects to speak of (but I tend to doubt it).

As an aside, did any of you who went to Synergy catch on to the difference of opinion surrounding the Etsy/DIY phenomenon?  It was interesting to me.

There are a few metal clay books, some magazines, and couple of sewing books in today’s new additions.  I, of course, hope you might be tempted by one or two of these titles, just be aware that I have several days’ worth of orders that I need to process before I can process new orders.  The plan was to do that this weekend, but I may find myself sitting on the couch with a box of tissues and a blanket watching Spongebob between naps, if these darn sniffles don’t go away overnight.  (I’ve never known sniffles to go away overnight, but I can always hope, right?)


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Posted on 1 Comment

1 thought on “Holy relapse, Batman!

  1. hope you are feeling better this morning Lisa. relapses suck!

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