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Tile shards and harbingers

I’m happy to present the most recent Polka Dot Creations tutorial: Old Tile Shard Pendants! This how-to comes to us courtesy of Tonja Lenderman, who should get an award for patience. She had the tutorial written up and submitted to me back in October. Tonja shows us a simple method for combining rubber stamps and polymer clay to imitate the look of weathered pottery. Check it out!

I’m still feeling crummy, so I’ve been trying to take it easy and get rid of this darn cold by avoiding heavy labor (like packing orders and cleaning the kitchen Wink) and concentrating on more cerebral tasks. I’ve spent a lot of time on the couch in the last three days, and in that time I’ve gotten nearly caught-up in my order processing, added a stack of new books & magazines to the store, sent out the first PolyPubs mailing in 4 months (ack!), got the tile shards tutorial online, changed around the links on my sidebar, and watched more Nickelodeon than any adult ever should.

Spring?  Is that you?

And I opened a few windows for a while, too – it was 60 degrees at 9:00 this morning. That’s a welcome harbinger of spring, I’d say. I so hope it sticks around!

Posted on 3 Comments

3 thoughts on “Tile shards and harbingers

  1. Wow I love the colours and technique of these pendants. This is a definite one to try once I’m up & running again!

  2. isn’t the harbinger of Spring wonderful? My daffys have dilled, my I’s have irised, and my croc’s have crocused. (are those real words?) I am glad you are giving yourself time to feel better. might prevent another relapse.

  3. I love the pendant – are you going to make one to sell me?

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