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Color Challenge Finalists for February

Polka Dot Creations Color Challenge Finalists

Another month gone by, another Color Challenge over! While ROSE has never traditionally been my favorite color, it seems plenty of you were inspired by the pinky theme. There were more than 200 entries to choose from this time around, and somehow I managed to pick nine.

Allow me to introduce you to the finalists, before I reveal the winner:

  1. Lost Lily Earrings, by blockpartypress
  2. Nellie LaFleur, by qdpatooties
  3. Mini bottle cap felted pincushion, by breezily
  4. Shira’s Baby Quilt, by sharon rotem
  5. triplepink0807, by libzoid
  6. felt & fimo hearts, by pixcat
  7. my Sugar Flowers …, by hagitsh
  8. CHARLOTTE Kids’ Tote – Hippie Buses, by isew
  9. Polymerclay Necklace, by efiwarsh

I encourage you to take a closer look at these photos and at the rest of the ones in the pool! Leave your comments on the photos over at flickr and let the artists know what you think – it’s always gratifying to hear that something you made has gotten a positive reaction from another creative type.

If you are one of these finalists and would like to elaborate here on what was involved in creating your entry, be my guest – the comments section is yours icon_smile-flickr-26

And now, I turn to the trusty random number generator (aka Eamonn, who hasn’t looked at any of the images) to select a winner:

Drumroll please…

And the winner is… #8!

Congratulations, Ginny of iSew, with your great Hippie Bus tote! I realize it’s for kids, but I could totally see stuffing a towel and a book in there and taking it to the beach for a peaceful afternoon of sun and surf. (sigh Is winter over yet??) I will be emailing you shortly with information about your $25 gift certificate.

Everyone else, get ready for March. We’ll be focusing on KELLY GREEN this month. Think shamrocks and leprechauns. I look forward to seeing what great things you come up with. Thanks, as always, for your participation!


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Posted on 15 Comments

15 thoughts on “Color Challenge Finalists for February

  1. Thank you so much Lisa for selecting my necklace as one of the finalists.
    I am so honored
    And Congratulations to Ginny of iSew for the win!

    1. My pleasure – I think your necklace is springy and fun!

  2. Wow! I’m very honored to be among the finalists.
    Thank you Lisa for managing this terrific challange and congratulations to all who made it to the list.

    1. Sharon, your quilt is beautiful! I just love it. I wish I could do that!

  3. Thank you so much for choosing my pincushion as one of the finalists. I’m really pleased! The individual entries are all beautiful and they look so attractive together in the collage of pictures.

    1. I was drawn to your pincushion as soon as I saw it. It’s hard to believe it’s so small!

  4. Thank you Lisa for choosing me as a finalist! It’s always fun to see one of my bunnies tucked in there among the jewelry and other fine pieces of art!

    1. Maybe one of these days my kids will actually pick your number so you can win, LOL! I just love your fuzzy little creations.

  5. Wow! I feel extra special! I can’t believe I won. Thanks so much for including me. I always have so much fun trying to come up with things to add to the group. That hippie bus fabric was one of my favorites! Wish I’d saved some for myself.

    1. That tote just said “fun” to me! Hope you find something nice to do with your gift certificate 🙂

  6. Thank you very much for choosing me as a finalist! it is such an honor and it is so much fun!! congratulations to Ginny of iSew!!

    1. Your sugar flowers are really amazing! I had no idea you could do that with sugar.

  7. oh my goodness that quilt is gorgeous! I like all your choices as finalist, but as a quilter… my eye was drawn to the quilt :O)

    1. Mine, too. I love all of that squiggly quilting over the solid colors. I think it’s a great look, and I can’t imagine being able to do it myself, LOL!

  8. Thank you both for the warm words 🙂

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