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If you were me, and someone hypothetically approached you for a wee bit of possible publicity for your Etsy shop and said “bring along some samples of your best work,” what would you bring? You know, hypothetically. If you were me.

What would you think packs the best visual punch? Scarves? Buttons? Aqua Birdseed things?

The real me is interested in what the you-as-hypothetical-me thinks so that if, perchance, I was to meet up with a newspaper reporter this week (hypothetically, of course) I would know whether I’d be bringing items with universal appeal, or things only their maker could love icon_biggrin-flickr-1-8

[Edited to add: Let me make my question clearer:  If I gave you $30, put you down in the middle of my shop and refused to let you out until you bought something, what would you pick?]


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Posted on 21 Comments

21 thoughts on “Hypothetically-speaking

  1. Bring a couple of each item. Show your diversity! And how the items all tie in together (bigger sales$$$!!!) And definitely bring the things with universal appeal.

    And congratulations! Hypothetically speaking, of course.

    1. Maybe I’ll just bring everything with me, that way I can be fickle about what I show her. My problem is I don’t *know* what is universally appealing. That’s why I was hoping to get some opinions 😀

      Thanks – I think I’m just one of many to be interviewed, but it’s still pretty cool!

  2. Ooh, hypothetical congratulations!

    1. Hypothetical thanks 😉

      I’m really just one of a group to be interviewed, and for all I know I may not even get a mention in the end. Still, it’s cool to be asked!

  3. Ah, I see…maybe the pink collection and the blue and green collection? And the bowling ones are cute too.

    1. So you think I should bring collections that go together? I tend to agree – I think the things I make are more striking when they are all grouped together in a big coordinating pile.

  4. I think a collection would be the best thing to hypothetically take. I love the American Jane/stripes and Aviarian Bloom collections. show a fun one and a “serious” one. and hypothetically Mazel Tov 🙂

    1. Definitely leaning in the collection direction now… thanks!

  5. I think your watches are a great way to show off the variety of beads in one practical item, so bring at least one of those, for sure.

    1. I hadn’t thought of the watches! This person contacted me through Etsy, and I don’t have any watches there. Although I suddenly have an urge to make a few… 😉

  6. I agree with everything everyone has said! I always try to show a little of everything, because you never know what will appeal to someone else!

    1. Thanks for chiming in. I checked out your shop – love the cards! I may be going to a baby shower for twins next month, and if so, I need one of those twins cards 🙂

  7. I would take a sampling of your fabric, buttons and CANES, because, to me, it shows the essence and the embodiment of your work. To me, it is how your mind work and your work evolves — and I love it. Just me, what do I know… regards, nt

    1. What a great idea! I hadn’t even thought of in-progress components like canes. I’m so glad you mentioned that. Thanks!

  8. As a non-crafty person, I have to chime in here! I agree to bring a little of everything, but jewelery would really attract me! Who does not love earrings, bracelets and necklaces?

    So is this a local paper, or should I be looking for you on the cover of USA Today? Hypothetically, that is…..

    1. Ok, definitely bring some jewelry (I’m more and more convinced I should be making another watch or two…) Thanks! It’s good to get a non-crafter viewpoint.

      It’s a local paper – and for all I know, I’m just going to be given one tiny paragraph among many other artsy types. So, no USA Today cover. Yet 😀

  9. As a former reporter, I agree that showing your range is important.

    As an only medium crafty person, hypothetically forced to buy something in your shop with a hypothetical $30, I would spend a lot of time torn between the Tile Necklace in Joel Dewberry Aviary Bloom Fabric Colors and the Tile Necklace in Alexander Henry Birdseed Colors, until you were so sick of me you gave an old suitemate a big discount and let me have the pair for $30. 🙂

    1. 🙂 Hypothetically, you bet – take two! And stay for a cup of tea while you’re at it. I miss our Friday afternoon teas. If I could manage to keep my house clean for more than 15 minutes at a time, I’d start up a Friday tea here for neighborhood friends…

      Thanks for the valuable feedback!

      1. Lisa, Lisa, Lisa.
        When did you ever know mine and Kat’s room to be clean for more than 15 minutes, tea-time or not?

        1. Haha, you’ve got a point, there 😉

  10. […] addiction” you can read what I wrote for my website a while back.]  I’m glad I took Penny’s advice and brought a watch with me – I think it looks good on the page.  They also used two of my buttons […]

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