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So many goodies, so little time

So, in addition to the arrival of Donna Kato’s new book this weekend, I’ve had plenty of other distractions. For instance, this morning the mailman delivered two packages of interest. In the first, was this great little change purse from Trail Mix Designs. She had admired a few of my posies, so we did a trade. I love this cute purse, and the bonus card she sent. She makes great patchwork cards – I’ve bought a few sets for gifts and a few for myself in the past. Check out her Etsy shop. Thanks, Karyn!

The other interesting package was a box with two crafty books in it (I am starting to wish I carried more than just clay books in my own store…). The first is Amy Karol’s Bend-the-Rules Sewing, which I’ve wanted ever since I started reading her blog a few weeks ago. The second is Last-Minute Fabric Gifts, which was definitely an impulse buy – it’s a $25 book that was marked down to $5 – and it’s relatively new. Hard to resist a steal like that. Turns out there are a lot of nifty ideas in it, not the least of which is a sarong-style skirt that I can’t wait to try. And I have just the fabric…

…which leads me to my travels this morning. I found a nice little quilt shop about 30 minutes from home, and got myself a nice little selection of things. The top two are fat quarters of fabrics I already had and just needed a little extra. The next three are from Moda’s Yuletide Blessings collection [edit: it’s 3 Sisters Roman Holiday collection – oops!] I plan to make a Christmas apron or two while I’m in an apron-making mood. The bottom one is a gorgeous floral print from Martha Negley that’s destined to be a skirt. I love the unusual color combinations. I didn’t know what skirt it would become until I saw the project in that book I mentioned above. Now I know.

Around the block from the quilt shop was a yarn shop. I thought I’d pop in there and see if they had any good fuzzy stuff for flip-flop embellishments. Specifically, I wanted something to go with the tote bag I have been using around town. I found a couple of colors that look good – I may even try using them together and see how that turns out. I haven’t embellished many flip-flops this season, but it occurred to me on the drive home (as I almost missed my exit due to thinking about flip-flops and not about where I was going) that it’s the perfect portable craft. I often find myself wishing I had something productive to do while the boys are playing outside. It bugs me to sit around and do nothing when I’ve got plenty of projects in the house calling my name. Unfortunately, most of what I like to create can’t be made outdoors. But these flip-flops can. I suspect I’ll be making a pile of ’em now that I’ve had this little epiphany!

So, I’ve got these new books and crafty supplies calling my name, but I ended up spending most of my day cleaning the kitchen and re-arranging the boys’ bedroom. And not rearranging in a fun way. We were just replacing their old beds with newer old beds
Tonight Son #1 and I have our “special night,” so we’ll be finding something we can do together (I doubt he feels like making flip-flops or sewing a sarong…). Tomorrow, I’ll be visiting with my parents for much of the day. And I have a lot of Donna Kato book orders to get ready to pack! Crafty stuff will have to wait. Ah well.

Can I leave you with an image of what I did yesterday? I can? Why, thank you This is really two show-offs in one. This is my new “claypron.” That is, an apron I plan to wear when I do clay things. I’m always wiping my liquid-clay-covered fingers on my pants, so this will be nice to have. Instead of a clay button, I pinned my clay name tag to it – I wear that tag to NJPCG meetings, and it coordinates decently with the claypron, so I put them together. Peeking out from under the claypron, you may notice the skirt I also made. It’s another wraparound skirt from the Sew What! Skirts book (same pattern as before, different fabric). There are more images of both on flickr, if you’re interested.

Time to put Son #2 to bed. Hope you’re all having a great weekend!




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Posted on 2 Comments

2 thoughts on “So many goodies, so little time

  1. I’m glad you got the change purse and I’m even happier that you like it!!!
    I love your “claypron”, what an awesome idea!

  2. […] and was going to turn it into a full-length wrap skirt.  If you don’t recall, then you can read this.  Anywhoo, I made that skirt and all I can say is ICK!  It wasn’t the pattern, it was me.  […]

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