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It’s heeeeere!

Let the creativity begin! Donna Kato’s new book has arrived!

I saw the FedEx truck at the top of the driveway and wandered over to see what was being delivered. When I saw that it was three boxes from Watson-Guptill, I abandoned my happily-playing boys in the backyard and tore into a box.

I have only given it a cursory flip-through, but it is pretty delicious. Maybe I’m biased – I tend to think that Donna Kato could make something beautiful out of mud and a crayon – but this book really is a feast for the eyes.

If you’ve pre-ordered a copy from me, I hope to be able to get them all out the door early next week. If you haven’t ordered a copy yet, and you are finding yourself salivating, you might want to hop over to the book store and get yourself a copy. If you get there quickly, before I get a chance to mark it “in stock,” you can get the special pre-order price

Now as much as I’d love to curl up with this book all afternoon, I’m off to make myself a new wrap skirt to wear this weekend. I’ll tell ya all about it when it’s done!



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