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My new apron

apron1c-flickrI was originally going to post this in The Craft Room at The Polka Dot Cottage, but it was being all wonky and messing up my html. So to Livejournal I go!

I did it – I made my first project. I had initially bought some great Amy Butler fabric, but I decided that using the pricey stuff on my first project was probably not too bright. So, off to the basement I went and I dug out some fabric that I’ve had for eons and never used for anything. I managed to find two fabrics that didn’t look terrible together, and I set to work. I also made a polymer clay button to put on the front. So here it is – my new apron:

I’m really happy with it! I used a pattern from Lotta Jansdotter’s Simple Sewing, which is full of simple projects. The stitching on it is anything but elegant – I bungled a few places – but what the apron lacks in beauty, it makes up for in structural integrity, LOL! Besides, you have to get really close to notice that it’s not evenly stitched in some places.

My next project is going to use either these two fabrics

or these two (which are really my favorites right now)

and a polymer clay button (one that I spend more time on and actually make into an interesting design, as opposed to the uninspired, marbleized one I used with this first project )

I’m either going to do another apron, or a tote bag. I also want to make a skirt, but I didn’t buy enough of any one fabric to do that yet.

Now I feel like I need to go bake cupcakes or something


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