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New claythings

I spent some time last night with my snazzy new Amy Butler fabric and mixed some clay colors to coordinate with it. Then this morning I made a few canes (Triangles and Stripes) with the new colors. From the canes I made myself buttons for the impending apron or tote bag.

The thing is, I had made enough of the canes to make a lot more things, but I didn’t want to create a whole new color scheme for my website. Enter Etsy. I’m finally realizing what niche I can fill with my Etsy shop. I didn’t want to just duplicate items from my website (although, that’s what I’d been doing up until now) but I didn’t know what I should put in there.

I’ve decided now that I am going to make mini-color-schemes that won’t go on my website and will only involve one or two simple cane patterns. They’ll all be limited-edition pieces and will coordinate with some of the fabrics that are popular on Etsy. (If you do a search for “Amy Butler” lots of items come up – maybe someone who buys a purse made with her fabrics will want a pair of coordinating earrings…) I figure I can add to this line whenever I make myself anything new with popular fabrics – as I make myself a button, I can use up the canes on some other items for the shop. It’ll be nice to have a place for those oddball items that don’t really fit on my website.

I’m looking forward to posting next week about some new DVD arrivals – keep your eyes peeled for that. I’d love to do it sooner, but tonight I’m packing up orders that *need* to go out. Boy, I wish I could just be creative or nerdy all day long (either one would do!). Packing and shipping is such drudgery. Ah well. I plan to listen to a Sherri Haab podcast while I work, so it won’t be *all* bad!


P.S. I had my new apron on this afternoon and suddenly found myself listening to Vegas Vic’s Tiki Lounge and baking cookies. That apron has some weird powers…

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