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Project :: Granny Square : Christmas Table Runner

29 pgs 07

I got one other Project::GrannySquare object finished in time for Christmas gifting.  This one is a table runner made with 20 squares.   Project #7: Christmas Table Runner For: My aunt + uncle Squares used: 20 (1 six-round multi-color, 12 five-round multi-color, 3 five-round one-color, 1 four-round two-color, 1 four-round one-color, 1 three-round one-color, 1 two-round one-color) […]

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Project :: Granny Square : Pillow Set

28 pgs 07

Does anybody here remember Project::Granny Square? I don’t blame you, if you don’t. I took an unintentionally long hiatus from the project when I got sidetracked by the shiny and the new (also known as sweater knitting and building of my own from-scratch granny square blankets, among other things). Here it is in a nutshell: I […]

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Project :: Granny Square : Small Throw

donna done

Another project down, three more to go!  I’m trying very much not to lose steam on these, because if I know anything about myself at all, it’s that I will let a project gather dust for years if I set it aside for too long.  Still, I hear that Tea Leaves Cardigan calling my name, […]

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Project :: Granny Square : Table Runner

mom done

Ready for another Project::GrannySquare object? This one is a table runner, and with eighteen squares, it’s the largest project I’ve made so far.  My parents recently redecorated their living room / dining room, and so my mom and I worked together to choose colors and a design that coordinated nicely with the new paint and […]

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Project :: Granny Square : Pillow Cover

will done

Take a wild guess how many useful options come up when you Google “granny square projects for men.”  I’ll give you a hint:  It’s roughly zero.  And not really a surprise. Still, I thought my brother should have a little something from our grandmother’s granny square stash, and he agreed.  Granny squares don’t exactly scream […]

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Project :: Granny Square : Mini Blanket

me2 done

Allow me to introduce the next granny square creation in the series: the mini blanket.  It’s really too small to be a blanket, but I’m not sure what else to call it, particularly because I’m not sure where it’s going or how it will be used!  So mini blanket it is, for now. This is […]

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Project :: Granny Square : Coffee Table Mat

me done

 So, I’ve got all these squares that my grandmother made, and I’m turning them into finished objects for several of us… you can get the back story here. I sorted and counted them all on Friday: 123 squares, the vast majority of which had five rounds and three colors.  There is also a respectable number […]

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Granny’s Squares

02 yarn 03

My aunt and my mother have been going through my grandmother’s things in the last few months, and now and then they pass along something that might interest me.  Last time I visited home, I was the lucky recipient of all this.  There are benefits to being the only remaining knitter in the family! The […]

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