This show-and-tell was a year in the making. I first cut into the polka dot fabric sometime after Thanksgiving last year. I was so sure that I knew what I was doing, that I didn’t even crack open the book for the directions. I just placed my pattern pieces on the fabric, cut out the parts on the fold (my first mistake), and set about sewing them together in the same way that I make bandana pants.

And they would have been perfect if I’d just followed directions. What I ended up with was a lopsided pair of pants with one crazy-wide leg and one too-narrow leg. And being the impatient sewist that I am, I threw my hands up in resignation and stashed the pants away for a year.

What I had neglected to take into account was the fact that bandana pants are exactly the same in the front and the back. The Amy Butler wide-leg lounge pants from In Stitches are not.

I have three other versions of these pants, and I am particularly fond of my floral pair and my leafy pair, but it bothers me that they’re so seasonal. I have a hard time bringing myself to wear pink flowers at Christmas, or orange leaves in the summer.  Yeah, it’s a weird hangup of mine. But that’s why a polka dot pair was so appealing to me – I could wear them any time of year I wanted to.

This weekend, the desire to wear my polka dot pants finally overcame my desire to avoid the seam ripper, and I just sat down and did it. I took those suckers completely apart, and then I read the directions (gasp!) and put them back together the right way. I am so happy with them!

In fact, I kind of feel like making another pair now. I have some Santa fabric. Maybe another seasonal pair is in order? It’s not like I have anything else on my to-make list at this time of year… (ha!)

12 thoughts on “Spotty

  1. I LOVE them! I bought some super soft fleece last fall with the intention of making pajama/lounge pants out of them, but I procrastinated until it was too warm, then forgot about them. I think you might have inspired me to pull them out again. Of course I have a pathological fear of instructions, patterns and directions, so I’ll be winging it. Let’s hope both of the legs end up the same size. =)

    • If you have a pathological fear of instructions, let me suggest you not get the Amy Butler book these are from! I found it far too intimidating at first. It took me a year to finally sit down and decipher all of the sewing-speak. I really prefer plain English instructions, but they’re so hard to find!

  2. Um, just looking at those pants gave me my second seizure. Thanks mom. JK, I think they’re cool, Mom.

    …You’re going to punish me aren’t you…

    ____━━____━━╰O-O—-O-O Nyan nyan nyan nyan…

  3. When I first looked at the last picture, I thought you had a crazy-long red toenail….but on second glance, it’s a candle (I think) on the hearth. Whew! What a relief!
    Happy Holidays to you & yours!

    • Ew! Yes, that is creepy-looking, isn’t it? I didn’t notice before. It’s a candle, like you said. Could you imagine? I’d be stuck wearing flip-flops all winter! Happy Holidays to you, too! See you at the Clayathon, I hope!

  4. Did you stitch an inseam edge to an outside-leg-seam edge? I do that every time I make pants and don’t read the instructions, even though I’ve used the same base pattern for like 15 years now for everything from pants to bloomers to shorts. D’oh!

    • No (although, I have done that, too). I stitched the two back pieces together and the two front pieces together, instead of putting a back with a front both times. It was wearable, but looked completely ridiculous.

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