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I finished my September Sweater in August

Rainbow Porthole Pullover at Polka Dot Cottage
This post is a testament to how busy I have been recently. I started writing it Monday morning, on my tablet, while sipping my morning coffee in bed. Only I couldn’t easily add any images that way, so I saved the draft and planned to wrap it up and add the images from my laptop later that day.

Only, I didn’t. I’m not even sure I flipped open my laptop until four days later. There’s so much on my plate right now, but I’ll save that for tomorrow’s TWiP post ☺

So. I have knit a “September Sweater” for myself every year since 2011. I’d chip away at it as the evenings grew ever more crisp, and I’d bind off that last stitch just in the nick of time to wear it to Rhinebeck.
This year, I wanted to design my own sweater, and I got started early.

Porthole Pullover almost done

As it turns out, I also finished early, and in the process have managed to deprive myself of the experience of knitting my September Sweater in actual September.

Not to worry, though! I have another sweater to begin (prototype number two for this same new pattern), and I’ve decided I need a rainbow colored Hitchhiker shawl to wear to Rhinebeck with this rainbow yoke sweater (assuming the weather cooperates and is appropriately chilly). In addition to that, I seem to have gotten talked into crocheting another May Baby Blanket.

As if all of that isn’t enough, I still have my Family Room Squircleghan waiting patiently for my attention, and a few Christmas gift ideas that I’d really love to bring to fruition. No, the early completion of the September Sweater in no way signifies a September with nothing to knit (or crochet)!

So, about this knit: I call it the Porthole Pullover.

It’s an adult-sized variation of the baby Porthole Cardigan pattern I published a few months ago, and I intend to publish the pattern as soon as I work out a few kinks on another prototype.

I do really like the way this one came out. It’s not yet been blocked in these photos, and I used reclaimed yarn (Lady Kina got frogged) so most of it looks kind of lumpy. Once I give it a good soak, I expect the kinks in the yarn will soften, and it will all look much more smooth. That’s the hope, anyway. I’d like to use this prototype for the pattern cover.

I’ll give you more specific details about the construction and such when I’m ready to release the pattern, but for now let me tell you that the yoke design is much easier than it looks. In fact, the yarn does most of the work, and strategically-placed slipped stitches do the rest.

I knit this in Cascade 220 Heathers (2438, Spring Meadow), and Cascade Tangier (03, Geometric).

I’m excited to wear it! But first, I need to block it, and the weather needs to stop being so dang hot. (I’m trying not to wish the last remnants of summer away, but it’s never easy when I have a new handknit to wear…)

Update! The pattern is ready for download. Enjoy!


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Posted on 4 Comments

4 thoughts on “I finished my September Sweater in August

  1. The colors are great in this September sweater!! Good job!!

    1. Thank you, Chloe!

  2. Love the colours you have chosen can’t wait for the pattern

    1. Thanks! I’ll be working on it this week 😊

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