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Now accepting custom orders

I’ve opened up custom ordering for the next week and a half. If you need a few new crochet hooks, a seam ripper, or any number of other tools and pieces of jewelry I can make, please head over there and place your order!

I’m headed to the annual Clayathon in less than two weeks, and I plan to spend some of my time working on new color schemes and designs. I’m so excited about this!

Among other things, I’ve got an idea for a red and aqua color scheme that looks really fabulous in my head. I’m eager to see how it works out in reality 😀

colors_Swamp patterns_Floral

I’ve also been looking at some of my old (er, “classic” 😜) color schemes and thinking of resurrecting one or two of them, along with some of the older patterns I used to make. I’ve been keeping a list of things to try, and while I can’t promise which of these items will come to fruition, I can tell you that there will be something new.

I’ve updated the shop order forms so you can choose one of the eight most popular designs from 2015, or you can choose to let me surprise you with one of those patterns in a new color (or one of those colors in a new pattern)!

Polymer Clay Shawl Pins at Polka Dot Cottage

One other thing – I’m bringing back shawl pins. I haven’t decided if this is a permanent or temporary thing. We’ll see how it goes!

So, to recap: if you’d like me to make you something and maybe surprise you with new colors and patterns, hop over to the Handmades Shop and place a custom order.

But hurry, because ordering closes on Thursday, February 11th (the day before I leave for the Clayathon).


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Posted on 2 Comments

2 thoughts on “Now accepting custom orders

  1. I love reading your posts about polyer clay, it is why I started following you. Do you have any suggestions on where to learn more about the art? I have looked for local classes but haven’t really found anything. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks and have a great time at Clayathon.

    1. Hi, Katelyn. I’m sorry I forgot to respond to this! I was on my phone when I first read it, and just couldn’t face tapping out a response. Give me a real keyboard any day! 🙂

      Anyway, in terms of where to learn about polymer, it depends on what kind of stuff interests you (since there’s so much you can do with it). I’ve written up a bunch of eBooks you can buy, and also some free tutorials. I also wrote this post about getting started with clay (but it’s old, and some of the links might be dead by now). Maybe it’s time I post an update to that…

      If you’re looking for inspiration I recommend the Polymer Clay Daily blog. There’s some awesome artwork popping up there every day, and it gives you an idea of what types of projects you can do.

      Many areas have local polymer clay guilds, which are great places to meet like-minded people and learn new things. I’ve found most polymer enthusiasts are more than happy to share what they know with a group, and often they sponsor workshops with well-known polymer artists. I’d definitely recommend looking for a guild near you!

      I hope some of this is helpful 🙂

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