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More Morning Coffee?

Be the next interviewee in Polka Dot Cottage's Morning Coffee series

So now that fall is upon us, and the old routines are starting back up, I am considering running some more Morning Coffee interviews.

I have one interview completed and ready to go, and that will be posted next Monday, but after that I’ve got nothing lined-up.

So. What are your thoughts on this? Do you want to read more of these interviews? Do I start searching for more interviewees? Do you, perhaps, want to be interviewed?

The thing is, producing these interviews can be a time-consuming thing. I’m perfectly willing to put in the time, if you are enjoying reading the interviews. If you’re all kind of lukewarm on the idea, though, maybe it’s time to put the idea to rest. For a little while at least.

Please use them comments (or email me!) and let me know what you think about continuing the Morning Coffee series beyond next week.


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Posted on 5 Comments

5 thoughts on “More Morning Coffee?

  1. Hi Lisa, I love the Morning Coffee. I found your name and Info in Artful Blogging I use to have a Website but I am in the process of starting all over again. I post my photography on Facebook. Just trying to decide if I want to Blog or do a website or both.

    Thanks for the inspiration
    Ann Davis

    1. Welcome! I love having a blog as opposed to a static website because I like to keep it fresh and updated as often as possible. A regular website pretty much stays the same all of the time. I’ve never had much luck attracting people to my regular websites, but new people come to the blog often because there is something new to read.

      That’s my personal preference, anyway 🙂 I suppose if you didn’t think you’d be blogging all that frequently, a standard website would make just as much sense.

      1. Hi Lisa,

        I guess for a while no More Monday Morning CoFFee. I love your new Knitting project. Great job.
        I appreciate your reply to my questions.

        How do you connect with people to read your blog?

        I know I have great pictures. I am not that exciting about writing. I have been posting on Facebook and get great feedback. Have worked with a great photo coach and sold in a store. But just not sure about how to find the other bloggers?


  2. I would LOVE an interview and enjoyed reading the one about Ornamento. My mission is to produce jewelry with old, unwanted and vintage found items such as monocles, stamps, maps, vials, fountain pen nibs and other goodies. You can contact me via phone (601-260-3098), e-mail (, or on my web site at:


    1. Hi, Susanna. Thanks for your interest, but I’m not doing Morning Coffee interviews at the moment. If I start them up again in the future, I will keep your name in mind!

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