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December merriment

Day 04 - Wish upon a star

Day 05 - The view from here

Day 06 - Every little thing

Day 07 - Comfort yourself

Day 08 - Up on the rooftop

This past week for Picture the Holidays, we were inspired to capture

  • Wish upon a star
  • The view from here
  • Every little thing
  • Comfort yourself
  • Up on the rooftops

I find myself looking forward to each new prompt in the mornings. I’m having a lot of fun with this.

In other photography news, my merriment experiment (hey, that rhymes!) is in full swing. So far since the beginning of December, I have made an effort to do at least one “merry” activity per day, no matter how small it may be, and upload a photo of it to Instagram. I’m using the Very Merry Advent book for inspiration, but still doing plenty of my own activities. Since we last spoke, I:


Took the kids out for peppermint frappuccinos (mine was mocha, theirs vanilla bean – peppermint and vanilla bean together taste like a liquid candy cane!)


Cleaned the dining room so that I can decorate it.


Hung up our old friend Tacky Santa. (Ok, actually Neil hung it up, but I promise I was planning to do it!) I did take the picture, though, and I am appreciating him hanging there looking oh so kitschy, so there’s that…


Started our Christmas card clothesline. It’s kind of a miracle that we are still getting cards at all – I haven’t sent any in years – so I really appreciate that there’s something to hang up there.


Turned a cranky day around with a peppermint mocha and a few selfies just as the snow was starting to fall.

I’m really liking this Very Merry thing. In fact, I could see myself incorporating some kind of “simple pleasures” practice into my daily routine next year. Perhaps a new Project 365 theme? It’s been a while since I did a theme with my 365… It’s definitely worth some thought!

How about you? Got any fun personal projects going on?


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Posted on 2 Comments

2 thoughts on “December merriment

  1. Lovely photos 🙂
    I think that is the best type of advent countdown – one with a fun activity to try and do everyday! Of course the chocolate advent calendars are yummy, but there is more festivity and sense of accomplishment with the activities. Some of ours have been taking a walk to see the neighbourhood Christmas lights, watching a Christmas movie with popcorn, and read a Christmas book 🙂

    1. Those all sound lovely!

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