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Last-minute handmades

Patchwork and Flannel scarves: make your own, or buy one pre-made at Polka Dot Cottage

02 hooks

New patterns for this season's custom orders at Polka Dot Cottage



I was sitting here wracking my brain, trying to come up with something to talk about other than the pictures I’m taking and the one sweater I’m knitting (both of which I have only recently discussed) when it occurred to me that I should put on my sales hat at least once this month.

The sales hat is not my favorite hat. I hate to be seen as pushy, so let me just say this:  Handmade gifts can be wonderful, but sometimes making everything yourself can be a recipe for stress and/or disaster.

I might be able to help in that department, because I have these things (and more) available and ready to send to you: Knit hats and patchwork scarves. Crochet hooks. Tile necklaces. One single remaining pair of copper + pearl earrings.

I am willing and able to ship up until December 20th (but please don’t wait that long if you can help it…).

Ok. I just wanted to remind you about the lovelies in the shop. Now that it’s done, I’m sticking the sales hat on the top shelf of the closet until next year.

Thanks for shopping! And for reading, sharing, and otherwise supporting my crafty endeavors!


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