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All manner of busy-ness

You know that I like to pop in here at least every couple of days so that you don’t forget about me. Out of sight, out of mind, and all that. But when I’ve thought about blogging over the last few days, all I could think about was how busy I am right now.

Surely you have no interest in reading a laundry list of my recent exploits, but maybe you’d like to see some photos.

277/365: Oct 4 - Fun with yarny things on a Friday morning

04 njfaf

There was the North Jersey Fiber Arts Festival on Friday, which was a nice little event that helped get me even more psyched for Rhinebeck later this month. I bought a fair trade scarf (it coordinates with all of my September Sweaters – yay!) and a skein of lovely green yarn from Mollygirl. I don’t know what it will be yet. Maybe fingerless gloves.

07 reunion

07 mags

Saturday was my 20th college reunion. I plan to write more on that in a later post. Suffice it to say for now, it was such a nice time. Catching up with old friends (and finding out how many of them are [surprise!] actually reading my little blog – wow, so cool!) One of my friends brought me this kitsch-tastic needlework book from 1974. You can bet there will be more on that here later.

06 lensmama 01

06 lensmama 02

07 minions

Sunday was spent doing family things (a little one-on-one time with each kid seemed to be in order), trying to pick up some of the slack in my custom order progress (halfway there, folks! really, really trying to have the last hooks in the mail by Friday!), and finishing up some gifts for some young friends (minion hats!) until I ran out of yellow yarn.

07 lunch

You should see what my calendar for today looks like. It’s completely insane. I don’t really know how everything ended up coming due the same week. So much for the good planning I thought I had done. This is why I am eating lunch and blogging at the same time. Multitasking, baby!

I’ll spare you the list of what all else is consuming my attention at the moment. It’s probably better for me to actually get back to doing that stuff, than it is to spend time kvetching about it here, eh?

See you in a few days, I hope! I’ve got all kinds of fun stuff to show you, if only there were more hours in the day…

Posted on 2 Comments

2 thoughts on “All manner of busy-ness

  1. These are the times when I even start resenting the minutes spent eating, never mind the shopping and cooking parts, Lisa!

    1. I hear ya. Lunch came from the freezer today, and many recent suppers have come from the supermarket salad bar!

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