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The Easy A-Line and the Robot Overlords

Easy A-Line Skirt, tutorial at Polka Dot Cottage

Easy A-Line Skirt, tutorial at Polka Dot Cottage

Yep, I’ve written another skirt tutorial. This is number three, for those of you keeping track, and I’d say it’s more complicated than I Like My Skirts Fast and Cheap, but less complicated than Spring Wrap Skirt.

The Easy A-Line Skirt walks you through the steps of creating a custom pattern, based on your own measurements, and then shows you how to use that pattern to create a very simple skirt. This is pretty much the technique I have used for 75% of the skirts in my own closet.

The skirt has a nice, easy elastic-waist – very comfortable for summer, paired with a favorite tee. It is shaped to flair out at the bottom in a nice A-line style.

Robot Overlord Fabric, featuring the Clarkesworld Magazine robot, at Polka Dot Cottage

Remember a few weeks ago, when I showed you my Robot Overlord Skirt? I made it using this exact method. So, if you want your own robot skirt (and really, who wouldn’t?) You can head to Spoonflower for some of my Clarkesworld Magazine fabric, and then follow the instructions in this new eBook. (There’s more info on the Clarkesworld fabric here.)

The tutorial is currently only available in PDF form, but I hope to have EPUB and MOBI completed by the end of the week.

And don’t forget – if you have one of my other tutorials and you’d like to review it, you can win a copy of this new one for free! Check out the rules here.

For more information, such as required skills, tools + materials, and topic covered, check out the Easy A-Line Skirt detail page.


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