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Wicker makeover

Wicker Makeover @lclarke522

My mom was getting rid of this wicker thingamabobber. I took one look at it and though it should be red. And aqua for the cushion, of course. Red and aqua = best buds.

I’m new to the spray paint thing, and to the furniture makeover thing, so in true-to-me form, I put off the intimidating task for a few weeks, and then jumped in with both feet. Blindfolded. In other words, I totally panicked and then I totally winged-it.

Wicker Makeover @lclarke522

Like our “spray paint tree?” Neil and Aidan did a school project on it last month, hence the blue. (I really should have had that tree removed from our lawn months ago, after Sandy knocked it down, but I’ve been dragging my heels. For once my laziness has paid off, because it’s a great place to precariously balance stuff you need to paint.)

Wicker Makeover @lclarke522

I loved the color of this paint while it was going on, but when I got it in the house? I don’t know. It’s darker than I planned, and I haven’t decided yet if I am ok with that. It’s kind of a dark cherry instead of a fire engine red, and I was envisioning something more like the color of that pillow I set on top of it for comparison.

They actually look pretty nice together in that photo, but in real life, there really is quite a difference between the two reds.

Wicker Makeover @lclarke522

Anyway, yesterday I turned my attention to the pillow. It’s a really stiff piece of foam, and because I am me (as opposed to someone who bothers to read instructions) I decided to just jump in and guess.  I thought, “hey! why not make an envelope-style pillow? All I have to do is add a strip all around the outside between the front and the back, to make it boxy.”

As you can see above, I was right about that. Mostly. And if you are willing to overlook the devil of a time I had stuffing that thick foam into the pillowcase, and the truly wonky corners on the cover, you could call this project a success.

17 wicker 05

Oh, those corners. If I were not so impatient, I really could have done better with those corners. I can sort of envision where I went wrong, and maybe someday I will even fix them.

I’m pretty good at turning a blind eye to imperfections, though, so the chances are good this will never get fixed. I am thinking, however, that I might just replace the entire cushion with a big, heavy, down pillow. I could make a nice pillowcase for one of those with my eyes closed. And I just happen to have enough fabric left.

Wicker Makeover @lclarke522

For the most part? I’m happy. I like a good makeover story, and I think this qualifies as a halfway decent makeover, even given my reservations about some parts of it.

Wicker Makeover @lclarke522

Wicker Makeover @lclarke522

Wicker Makeover @lclarke522

I just have to make up my mind about that paint color. And the pillowcase.

Oh! and can anybody tell me how long it takes for the spray paint fumes to go away? It’s been a week since I painted this thing, and I still can’t keep it in the family room for more than a few hours before the smell bothers me. I have to keep sticking it outside, or stashing it in the basement when it rains (which is nearly every day, lately).

I’d really like to put my feet up on it where they belong 🙂


Posted on 9 Comments

9 thoughts on “Wicker makeover

  1. I think it looks great, but I’m like you and always second guessing my own projects. I find paint smells stay around for sooooo long. I bought I new console this winter & I can still smell the stain in the house.

    1. Ugh. That’s not very encouraging, as far as paint smells go! It’s not so much the smell that bothers me, as much as what the smell represents: chemicals we’re breathing in. Blech.

  2. I like the makeover! You can tell by the photos of it inside that it’s much darker than than it looks in the sunshine but it’s still pretty. I like all reds. (My 3 yo grand said that’s because her name is RUBY!) I didn’t have the heart to tell her I’ve always loved all reds. heehee Wish I lived closer to you so we could play with stuff like this together. I just love doing this kind of thing and can’t do it here at all. Happy summer, Lisa.

    Keep on craftin’

    1. Aw, very cute of your granddaughter 🙂
      I wish I loved doing this sort of thing! I’m more about the results than the process. Still, I think I’d do it again. I have some antique ice cream parlor chairs that used to belong to my great-grandparents, and I’m considering spraying them to match the wicker stool, and making seat cushions to match, too. I love the idea that completely mis-matched items can look like a set, just with a little paint and fabric!

      1. I think you’d love it if you did it more often. You’ve got the eye for color and design and sound a little unsure about the other stuff. If you knew you did it well, it would probably help. That’s my opinion, anyway!! The ice cream parlor chairs sound wonderful! Do it!!!

        1. You’re probably right 🙂
          Those chairs have green paint on them now, and it’s chipping something awful. I suspect I have a lot of paint removal work ahead of me before I can even think about a new coat.

  3. […] one at that), I decided some lazy time was in order. I plopped myself down on the couch, feet up on my newly-refurbished stool, jar of ice water on the table next to me, and dug into that pile of library […]

  4. Nice! Spray painting wicker is great — I have just redone my wicker chairs for the second time. I have to share my favorite trick for stuffing a big piece of foam into a case. Put the foam in a plastic garbage bag or a drycleaners bag. Bunch the bag around your vacuum cleaner hose. Use the vacuum to remove the air — the foam and bag will turn into a small brick. Place in your case with the bag still intact and let it expand. Then, cut the bag and pull it out — it will be slippery enough to slide out and you should have a great fit with your foam.

    1. Oh my gosh, that has to be the Best. Tip. Ever! And I’m glad to hear it, because after a week of using it, I have decided I definitely like the way my legs feel reclining on the foam. I don’t think it would be the same with a down pillow. Next time I have to change the pillowcase, I will be all set! Thanks 🙂

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