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Weekend Favorites

So, I went and pulled a muscle in my neck. There’s one day of claying out the window. Still hoping to have it all set up by Sunday, though, even if it means using some patterns I already made some time ago.

I’m enjoying the use of Neil’s rice pillow. The extreme heat on my neck burns so much I am totally forgetting about the muscle ache! Haha! I kid. Sort of. It’s not actually burning me, but it is plenty hot, and I do feel better.

Lucky for me, sitting here with a rice pillow draped around my aching neck doesn’t preclude me from blogging. Yay!

Flickr Favorites


1. Popcorn Love On Madras Plaid, 2. Simplicity 3835, 3. Liberty lawn with Simplicity 3835 – love it!, 4. Barwon bridges, 5. Bzzzzzzz…. #ssevolve #shutttersisters #thecameramen, 6. Edna, penny garland…, 7. Day 64, 8. A scene from my latest Vine video, titled “Lemon loves pineapple”. Find me on Vine: Nikki Mans., 9. Untitled, 10. Happy Colours Blanket, 11. Boles per nadal, 12. P1020944

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Paper, Paint, Polymer and Pixels

So tell me what you have planned for this weekend. Anything fun?

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2 thoughts on “Weekend Favorites

  1. Although I have todo a bit of tech support on Saturday (computers) it is shaping up a great weekend, sunny and warm. Hoping to have all our ranch friends out and roaming the pastures. Maybe even letting the chickens into the garden to start tilling:)

    1. That sounds like fun – I hope it all worked out for you! We had a beautiful (relatively) warm weekend, and it was so welcome!

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