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Polka Dot Crochet Hooks!

The shop is open for custom crochet hook orders! Hooray!

I decided to try something completely new this time, and offer only one pattern, but offer it in multiple colors. Allow me to present Polka Dots! What can I say? It seemed appropriate somehow…


I am excited to be switching gears a little bit this time. These polka dots are not made with my usual millefiori caning technique. I’ve come up with a way to make the dots pretty darn even, and keep them round, so I think you’ll like the results.

You can order some standard combinations of black, red, and white (options 1, 2, 5, 6, and 10), two variations of aqua and brown (3 and 7), or patterns based on the color of the metal hook combined with black or white (4, 8, and 12). Also, if you have other colors in mind that I haven’t listed, you you can select option 9. And if you just don’t care what colors I use, select option 11 and let me come up with something fun and unexpected for you!

Now, I know polka dots are not everyone’s cup of tea, and so if you are in the market for a nice crochet hook but don’t want the dots, you have three options:

  • check the shop and see if any of the in-stock hooks will fit your needs
  • wait until I change up the pattern choices (probably in a month or two)
  • email me – we might be able to work something else out

For those of you who are new around here, let me fill you in a bit on these hooks.

They start with a normal metal hook in your choice of Susan Bates, Boye, or Clover brand. You choose the hook size and whether you would like a thumb rest or not, and then you pick your favorite pattern from the currently-available list. I cover the metal handle with durable polymer clay in your chosen pattern. Once the hook is cured, I then sand it through several grits of sandpaper, and buff it to a nice shine on a buffing wheel.

It’s a fairly labor-intensive process, but the results are worth it. I use these hooks for all of my own crochet projects, and many of my customers have left me marvelous feedback, as well. (Thank you, Kat, Beth, and Adele for being my most recent additions to the feedback page – I appreciate your kind words!)

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Now, may I ask you to do something for me? If you can’t afford to buy a hook (don’t need one now / don’t crochet / whatever) but you know someone else who may be interested, would you please share this post? or a direct link to the crochet hook section of the shop? Word of mouth and positive feedback are so valuable to me.

Thanks a million!

P.S. Today’s installment of the Lakeside Forest Blanket tutorial is going to be a little bit late. I just couldn’t squeeze in more writing this weekend, between all of this hook stuff and family things. I’ll get it posted sometime Monday. I just won’t be my usual first-thing-in-the-morning punctual self!



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Posted on 4 Comments

4 thoughts on “Polka Dot Crochet Hooks!

  1. These are really great, Lisa! I love the polka dots! Sadly the budget doesn’t allow for any crafty purchases but I’m hoping to be back in a couple months fully armed with the debit card! Best wishes for great success with these!

    1. Thanks, Sally! I know where you’re coming from the with budget. No worries. I appreciate your support in other ways!

  2. Lisa, any chance you’ll do a tutorial on how you kept the polka dots round and evenly spaced? I’d pay for that! Love polka dots but haven’t figured out how to keep the round. Thanks.

    1. Yes! I am planning to talk about that at some point 🙂

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