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Meet Harold

Meet Harold. He’s the first critter I made as a result of Stacey Trock’s Design Your Own Amigurumi Monster class at Craftsy. He is, actually, based very closely on Stacey’s first pattern from the class.

I took this class so that my kids could design monsters, and I could crochet them. We think we could have some fun with this!

So, this is Harold.

Apparently he is tasty.  Just ask Aidan.

Oh, Aidan, what did you do?

Oh, wait! Aidan didn’t eat Harold after all! Harold is safe.

Or is he…?


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Posted on 5 Comments

5 thoughts on “Meet Harold

  1. How awesome! That sounds like a really fun class

    1. It is a fun class! And if I wasn’t so overwhelmed with all of the other things I wanted to do, I’d be making a whole pile of these little suckers for my kids. Actually, we do have plans to make at least three more – the kids are going to design a few for me to make for a couple of toddlers we know. Eventually 🙂

  2. […] a companion for Harold, which currently has one eye, two arms, and the top of his head completed (and may very well be the […]

  3. Ahhh! Harold is very cute! I’m slowly taking the Design Your Own Amigurumi Monster Class too, and I really love it! I took her Woodland Animals Class as well and loved it too! But the Design Class is just a wealth of information, whether you really want to learn to design, or you just want to get better at making Amigurumi. It’s a fantastic Class! You’re Harold is so cute!! I bet Aidan will really enjoy him!

    1. Both kids are really enjoying him (and have already put in their requests for many more). I wish I could crank them out as quickly as they come up with ideas, but I would have to stop with the selfish crocheting first, and frankly selfish crocheting is my favorite kind of all, LOL! You’re right though – lots of handy tips in that class so far!

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