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Knit like the wind

Inspiration week 30 - Hands on

I’ve been listening to past episodes of Brenda Dayne’s Cast-On podcast lately.  The podcast opens with a male voice urging, “knit! knit like the wind!”  I get a chuckle out of that every time, mainly because my own knitting experience is usually anything but urgent.  I limit my knitting time to an hour or two in front of the tv after the kids go to bed – I tend to see knitting as a way to justify my tv habit and turn it into something productive. My projects are usually small-ish, and they’re done whenever they’re done.  No pressure.

Lately though, I’m taking the “knit like the wind” imperative to heart.  I’m still plugging away on my Tea Leaves Cardigan.  When I started that sweater, I had visions of binding off just in time for those first delightfully crisp September days. Sweater Weather. It’s my favorite weather of all. I was (and still am!) so enthusiastic about putting on jeans, a white tissue tee, and my lovely teal homemade sweater for those Fall morning walks to school…

Bam! week 37 - Work in progress

But guess what?  Sweater Weather arrived today, and I still have six inches, two sleeves, and a button band left to go. Fooey.

So, I’m knitting like the wind now, dragging my knitting bag with me everywhere this week: the dentist, the doctor, the pharmacy, the school pickup line… And I crack that whip on myself in the evening, going an extra row or two beyond where I might have otherwise quit.  I am a woman on a mission:  I must finish this project before Sweater Weather turns into Coat Weather and my lovely new cardigan spends six months hidden under a heavy jacket!

Speaking of knitting bags, I’m really enjoying seeing some of you lurkers poke your heads in and comment in response to my knitting/crochet bag giveaway.  So nice to see who you are! I hope you continue to comment now and then – I really enjoy interacting with everyone here, and the more comments, the merrier!  If you haven’t left a comment on that post yet, there’s still time.  I plan to choose winners Saturday afternoon sometime.  Even later, if I get distracted.  Which I probably will, if history is any indication.  Weekends are great for indulging in distractions, I think.

And now I really must take my leave – there’s knitting to be done!


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Posted on 4 Comments

4 thoughts on “Knit like the wind

  1. Yea! It looks so good.

  2. Hey! That look very nice, I hope you finish it off soon!

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