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It’s in the bag (a giveaway)

granny square pillow in progress

I have this disorder.  I think the official name for it is Can’t Resist Putting my Logo and Photos on Stuff-itis.  VistaPrint sends me email all of the time with special offers inside, and I have to tell you, most of the time I just delete them unopened because I know this about myself: if I open the email, I will buy.

Well friends, a few weeks ago I did buy.  I succumbed to the lure of the personalized project bag.  Never mind that I already had a couple that said “Polka Dot Cottage” on them.  I decided (now that I both knit and crochet) that it would be super handy to have two different types of bags to hold my in-progress needlework projects: one with a knitted item on the front to hold my knitting projects, and one with a crocheted item on the front to hold my crochet projects.

new project bags

Now when I look at my two in-progress bags, I don’t have to peek inside to see which is which.  That sounds incredibly lazy, doesn’t it?

Maybe I was feeling lazy when I ordered these bags, but I was also feeling generous!  I ordered extras of each kind, and I’d like to offer them to four lucky blog readers.

New project bags

Interested?  Just leave a comment on this post, and tell me whether you’d like a knit variety (with the fiesta hats pictured) or a crochet variety (with the small throw pictured).  Or, come to think of it, you could also have one of the older generic logo ones, if you like.  Your choice!  I’ll select the winners at random this weekend.

It’s not much, really, just a little something to say Thank You for dropping by here and hanging out with me so often!

tea leaves cardigan in progress

P.S. You don’t need to knit or crochet to use these bags – they’re small totes that can fit all kinds of useful things inside: library books, collected seashells, Halloween candy…

[edited: comments are closed, we have some winners!]


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Posted on 35 Comments

35 thoughts on “It’s in the bag (a giveaway)

  1. These look great! I like either.

    I have to delete those VistaPrint emails, too.:)

  2. what cute bags…i’ll cross my fingers and hope to win the blanket crochet bag! …i embroider so i’d store my “in progress” projects in that!

  3. Oh, my – they are both so CUTE! I suppose if I have to choose… um… the crochet. (I think…LOL)

  4. Both very cute, but knitted for sure. I’m a bag freak, so I would love either one. (I could take my knitting in it on the plane next trip)

  5. Honestly I love them both, the fiesta hats are adorable (love those buttons!) but since you have mastered the granny square and I have not I am drawn to the crochet one….because I love granny squares whether they love me or not 😉 You are so sweet and generous to do this giveaway…so whether I win or not, thank you!!

  6. oh, I like your blog and read it as often as I can…would love to get the knitting bag!!!Hope to win it, wish you a wonderful rest of the week!

  7. I would like the knit one…. even though I do not do much knitting lately:)

  8. Cutest. Bags. Ever. I’d take a knit one if I were one of the lucky four! I could use something prettier than my current needle poked ziplocs. :))

  9. Crochet! I like the knit one better, but I can’t knit to save my life. Crochet I can do, but just barely.
    BTW, you rock! Thanks for the giveaway!

  10. Polka Dot Cottage: It's in the bag (a giveaway)

  11. Oooh! I’d take either 🙂 I’ve been meaning to pick up my knitting needles again now that it’s cooling off outside…

  12. Hah! I am still using the loom knitting that you hooked me on a couple of years ago. I haven’t made granny squares in many, many years, but I love the small blankets you are making. I guess I love either of them to hold my project.

    1. Oh, I totally should have made one with a loom-knitting project on it, too! A loom would fit in this bag very nicely.

      Maybe I’ll see if I have any more VistaPrint special offers in my inbox 😉

    2. But, oh! now that I think about it, those Fiesta Hats on the knitting bag? I made them on a loom!

  13. I’m amazed by your creativity, not to mention that you actually get so much done. I’m almost finished with a knit afgan I started 20 yrs ago! I love both bags! Wouldn’t be able to choose, but I guess if I had to, I like the crochet one.

    Love your blog!

  14. I had to unsubscribe from the VP emails 🙂 I absolutely love the knit version, but would gratefully accept any of the choices.

  15. well now, wouldn’t it be lovely to tote that bag of happiness around! either would fit me!
    thanks for sharing

  16. Hi,

    I’m a bit of a lurker but I check your blog every day. I just love your creative pursuits and just the family vibe. Would love the opportunity to have either one of your tote bags.


  17. what a fun idea! i haven’t learned to crochet….yet. still working on my knitting skills. would love the knitting bag! 😉

  18. why, crochet of course!

  19. These bags are great! Seeing that I am a knitter, I would like a knitting bag. I have so may projects a bag is great.


  20. I love the knit one! What a great idea! It’s so colorful and happy looking!

  21. What great bags! You never can have too many bags. I am a big time knitter but I started out with crochet.

    I use the many felted bags that I have made as my knitting project bags. Your new bags look like they would be great for books – knitting books!

    Thanks for the chance to win. I really enjoy reading your blog.

  22. I don’t think it’s lazy to have pictures of the types of projects you’re doing on the bags, it’s efficient! LOL I think it’s a great idea and would love to have one with the hats as I’ve done much more knitting than crocheting over the years. And it’s time to get a knitting project started to work on during the bus ride to work. Thanks for sharing.

  23. Wish I had one of these while I was in Patagonia…it would have been a great comment generator/conversation starter. The hat one would be my choice!

  24. They are so cute. I’d love the crochet one. Love to make a small throw like that some day…well, a girl can dream.

  25. what a great idea! I’m take the knitting bag with the great hats!

  26. I’m playing with the idea of ordering some myself 🙂 SOO tempting!!!
    I also like their mugs.
    It’s so cool to have your own branded stuff, feel proud of your small kingdom LOL 🙂

    b.t.w – your knitting are to DIE for! you are my role model!

  27. I love them both!!! Can’t decide which one is nicer, great product, and they are inspiring too. I am on the mission to make few squares on this weekend. Take care. Lucy

  28. Lisa,

    I’d like the crochet one. My mom taught me to crochet at age four and I’ve made my share of granny squares.
    Thanks for a great giveaway.


  29. […] I’m really enjoying seeing some of you lurkers poke your heads in and comment in response to my knitting/crochet bag giveaway.  So nice to see who you are! I hope you continue to comment now and then – I really enjoy […]

  30. I love listening to Brenda as well. And of the bags would be great, though I’m mostly a knitter.
    Am currently working on the February Lady sweater but have messed up picking up for sleeve and need to redo and start that part again.
    Am also working on a scarf in Cha Cha that is just fun, fun, fun. It’s my football game watching knitting. Hope to get a lot done on that today.
    Love your blog. Thanks for sharing.

  31. A girl can never have too many bags! I’m a knitter but I love your granny squares so much, I’ve recruited a friend to teach me to crochet. I guess a girl can never have too many hobbies, either!

  32. […] I had my little henchmen each choose two random numbers, which gives me our four winners: Missy, Zoe, Gayle, and Jodie!  Congratulations, ladies.  I’ll be emailing you in a few minutes to get the snail mail addresses where I can send your knit or crochet bags. […]

  33. […] I had my little henchmen each choose two random numbers, which gives me our four winners: Missy, Zoe, Gayle, and Jodie!  Congratulations, ladies.  I’ll be emailing you in a few minutes to get the snail mail addresses where I can send your knit or crochet bags. […]

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