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Another ambitious project

365 day 215 - Beginning

Remember the last time I showed up here with a photo of yarn + fabric and told you that in a matter of weeks the raw materials would be transformed into a dress and a wrap to wear to my nephew’s Christening?

I never did come back and report that I’d worn a totally different (store-bought) dress and paired it with a (store-bought) sweater.  I never told you that I instead used the fabric for a wrap skirt, and that the shawl is only about 25% done and sitting with the rest of the yarn in a bag in my basement.  Yeah, I kinda forgot to mention those little details.

Beginning #1

Had I actually filled you in at that time, you’d probably be looking at me skeptically right now as I show you this yarn, and this little patch of crochet work.  You’d likely raise your eyebrows as I explain my plan for turning these materials into a wrap for a little get-together this weekend.

That’s right – it needs to be entirely worked and blocked in a matter of four days.  And I would prefer not to ignore the rest of my life in order to do it, so that really just means four evenings, hook in hand, Masterpiece Mystery chattering away in the background. That’s the plan, anyway.

That little bit that I did last night is my own design, and while I think it has potential, I’m rather afraid of the big gaps between the flowers.  Visually it works, but for a shawl? Not sure it will hold up.  I like it enough to revisit the idea later, but for now I have decided to switch to something tried and true, and save the experimenting for sometime when I am not in a rush.

Beginning #2

So I’ve decided to switch to Linda’s Summer Picnic Wrap pattern.  I worked these three squares this morning in an effort to convince myself it won’t take any longer than my original plan.  I think it won’t.  It might even be faster.  Who really knows?  At best, I will have a finished wrap to wear this weekend.  At worst, I will have another UFO in a bag.  It’s worth the risk, I think.  I have a backup (store-bought) sweater waiting in the wings, so whatever happens I’m good.

What I don’t have is shoes that will look good with a brown polka-dot dress…

Don’t think I can make those 😉

Posted on 9 Comments

9 thoughts on “Another ambitious project

  1. It looks great! The hardest part will be weaving in the ends in time. I say make it lengthwise and if you don’t have your “wrap” completed in time, you’ll still have a scarf, and if you don’t have time to weave in the ends, it is a boho scarf. ;))

  2. Thanks for the mention! RT @lclarke522 Blogging: Another ambitious project

  3. I love the original pattern, but I understand not experimenting when you’re in a hurry. I agree with Linda-make sure you leave lots of time for end-weaving. Years ago, a lady asked me to crochet an afghan for her hubby’s birthday. The afghan was done in time, but as the clock ticked, I was frantically weaving in ends. A co-worker offered to help, and since I knew she was a good crocheter, I let her. Big mistake-she just kind of shoved the threads in willy-nilly and you could see them, some of them even from the front. I am very fussy about finishing and work hard to make sure no one can see the ends. Lesson learned that day!

  4. I do love the pattern you’ve chosen. And, it’s true, sometimes it’s best to just stick with something tried and true when you’re in a hurry. Good luck!

  5. You can do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  7. I cannot do this. My fingers have arthritis in them. I knit instead.

    1. You find knitting to be easier on your hands than crocheting? I guess they do use different joints. I’m lucky enough not to have to think much about it. Yet.

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