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Thank you all for your encouragement yesterday! It’s so nice to see that you think a newbie like me can churn out a lovely summer wrap in four days.  Yes it’s nice, but I must respectfully suggest that we are all sipping from the same half-full cup of delusion juice…

Plan A

Last night I curled up with my hook and the DVR remote.  A few hours later, all I had were six additional motifs and a headache.  My four-day deadline didn’t look so doable anymore.  It’s ok.  I went ahead with Plan B:

Plan B

That’s more like it!  Still handmade, and I’m already done with it.

365 day 216 - New shoes

Oh, and I found new shoes today, too.  Happiness!


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Posted on 10 Comments

10 thoughts on “Nevermind.

  1. Keep your dreams big. If we don’t reach, we can’t grow.

    1. Oh, I’ll still finish the shawl… just not in four days 🙂

  2. Which is why I’m thinking of my crocheted Halloween costume now… for 2013 (I could start one now for 2012, but it’s an election year and I’ll wear my suffragette costume for that). Last year’s costume I started in March, for an October debut.

    1. Dare I ask what 2011’s costume is going to be? 🙂

      1. I’m expecting to wear the coral reef again, because we didn’t get to attend many Halloween activities last year (I only barely remembered to take the costume off before heading to the ER). I need to show it off more! On the other hand, Margaret Atwood has me thinking about crochet and extinct birds, and I just learned the crocodile stitch, and… there are many temptations. I’m just trying to channel the ideas into a good 2013 costume, vs. a rushed 2011 one.

        1. Oh, good, I think that coral reef needs to be seen by more people 🙂 And I am impressed by your forethought – just about every project I undertake is a rushed one!

  3. I don’t blame you. Sometimes you have to make those kinds of decisions. Your flower is beautiful! I am frogging a vintage trivet that isn’t coming together like I’d hoped it would, and using the yarn for dish cloths. After that simple project is complete I’ll be ready for something more complicated, like a shawl made from some gorgeous superwash wool that I’ve been saving.

  4. BAHAHAHAHahahahahaaaaaaa… Ahem. Sorry. It’s just that you’re so funny (as in “ha ha” funny). AND, I think you’ve been spying on me! 🙂 I had to read this post to my husband, and he said the same thing.

    Love your blog, your humor and your talent. And your new header! 🙂


    1. Aw, thanks, Angela! And, hey, we multi-crafty types have to stick together – we’re cut from the same cloth 🙂

    2. And apparently I thought I was replying to a different post. I mean, I knew it was your comment, and I knew what you said, but I was thinking you said it in response to a different post. I need more coffee 🙂
      So I suppose what I should have said was that we “ambitious beyond our ability” types have to stick together, LOL!

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